Idea ID: 2751487

Should be forced to fill out mandatory fields when Moving a defect to another workspace

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Would be nice if users were forced to fill out required fields in the workspace you're moving a defect too.

Now it's moved and the first user doing changes to defect are forced to fill out - this might not always be the same user.

Are there maybe rules which can support this so one can controll if the are filled out or not?


  • why don't you give us both? By being able to create local rules controlling the receiving end...

    If defect is copied/moved to workspace make user fill out required fields


    Set field value XXX if defect is copied/moved to workspace 


  • Some would argue that the mover should handle the exceptions of the target WS, some argue the other way.

    Anyhow, from the implementation perspective it would be considerably costly as we would need to load and keep two sets of customizations.