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Should be possible to update userid and e-mail when using SSO to keep history

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Needs Clarification
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8 months ago

We are running Octane 15.1.20 with SSO enabled

No as our company is merging we looking to get new userid's and e-mails in new AD.

We would like to be able to update userid and e-mails from the UI - should only be allowed to space admins. This way we could keep history related to a user as well as favorites, owner of cases etc.

Today we are forced to import new user and deactivate old and everything is lost (by they way would be nice with being able to import directly from LDAP's (like ALM) rather than importing with excel)

br jesper

  • Hi  

    Changing user emails is possible today - 

    If the user logon name stay unchanged, the email will be updated during the next user login.

    as for UUID or logon name - 

    If either UUID or logon name stay unchanged Octane will map the user and will update the changes in other fields.

    so the issue you have described above is relevant only if you need to change both logon name and UUID, and then Octane have no way to identify the user.

    Is that the case? for that case we can provide DB queries for this change - please open a ticket to get those queries from R&D

    if the request is referring to adding a UI for this change - currently it is not planned.