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Stop button should be in the top not the bottom

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

We have quite many testers reporting that the stop button is not showing because it's in the bottom part of the browser window and sometimes its not maximized or is out of the screen view for different reasons

Would like to see it in the top part close to the overall status

stop test run.jpg


  • Hi Jesper,

    As Yael mentioned, the x button should do the same as the stop button and if you encounter any data loss or it didn't work as expected, please open a support request for that.

    The main idea for the stop button at the bottom is that usually you go through step by step till last step (at the bottom) and then stop manual runner.

    I believe this is not all use cases but that's why you still have the same functionality in the x button.



  • A lot of users have reported test data loss when using the X.......don't know why, but heard it from several.

    Placement at the buttom is not userfriendly as it often end up being hidden (the scroll bare doesn't include that part) - many new testers have reported this - all other menu's are in top - short way from passing and stopping test (you've chosing the longest)


    br jesper

  •  please note that the "x" button of the browser does the same thing - it is not mandatory to use the "Stop" button. Does this help?