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Teams creation with LDAP groups

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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9 months ago

The idea is to be able to create Teams based on existing LDAP Groups.

In order to avoid a manual time consuming task when creating Teams, it is requested to allow to create Teams based on existing LDAP groups.

Creating 1 team is not a big deal but if you have 10 different LDAP Groups and you want to create 10 Teams based on the LDAP groups where you have around 500 users, this will take a lot of time to be done manually while an integration with LDAP will save this time. 

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    Can you please see the comment above and let us know if this request is still relevant?



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    thank you for your feedback.

    Do you refer to creation of a Team per LDAP group or Roles?  Are you familiar with the functionality to import LDAP users from a file with auto assignment to a selected role (via excel)?

    in that case you will need to define a Role in Octane per LDAP group and then import users and assign them with the relevant role - will that answer the need?