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Test coverage on Epic level

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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over 1 year ago
Please add possibility to see aggregated test coverage on Epic level. Now it's possible to see only on Feature 
and User Stories level.


Dashboard Usability
  • Please review my last comment and Yael's question so we can better understand your need and how to address it. 



  • yes - see test status pr. epic in a grid view

  • A question to the  voters of this idea - are you mainly missing the ability to see the coverage bar in an epic grid view, where the coverage is aggregated from the features and stories under the epic?

  • Hi  ,

    Currently this option is indeed not available from the grid for Epic level .Do you use it now for Feature ans Story, and would like to have it available for all the 3 levels (Epic, Feature, Story) ?

    In the meanwhile you can create a custom graph in the Dashboard with the following configurations:

    • Item type: Tests
    • X-Axis: Backlog Coverage- Epic
    • Y-Axis: Count
    • Group by : Last run status 

    In any case I am changing to "Waiting for Votes".