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Test Run Analysis in the navigation bar under Quality or Backlog

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over 2 years ago

I have a business problem, My Top management want to see the progression of Testing during UAT. in the form of an accumlative Total Planned against actual execution by the testers shown by day, over the course of the sprint of testing. For example; we planned 50 tests to be excuted on Mon - Friday which totals 250 tests planned for the week. On monday we only tested 25 but on Tuesday we tested 75 so we are on track with our progress. The lines for wednesday to Friday would show zero on actual executed until we start testing on those days.

This should be a line graph similar to the widget already available on the dash board for test run execution.


Dashboard Usability
  • Hi Arlene, 

    I think we can already make this report/graph using oData. If the report is for senior leadership they probably don't care to go into the tool and pull the report so external reporting shouldn't be too much of an issue. Excel 2016 has a oData connector built into it, and earlier versions of excel you can leverage the Power Query addin to get this data. We just made a Defect Aging report for one of our clients which turned out pretty useful; oData is proving to be a great feature of Octane.  


    Chris Carpenter, Bienabee Technologies


  • Hi Yael,

    Yes I have a UDF called Planned Run Date on the planned run.

    It is a calendar field

    Warm regards

  • Hi,

    Is the assumption in this widget that you plan runs for specific dates?