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To have an option to edit the steps/gherkins while running a test

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7 months ago


When we plan a run, or run directly a test (manual or gherkin) a "copy" of the steps/gherkin is done.

I.e. : if someone edits the steps in the MT it will not reflect in the scheduled run.

Same when running a test, if the users discovers an issues in the steps/gherking, he cannot change it directly: he needs to go the manual test, edit it, then re-run the test: DOing that he looses the status/defects he might have been doing in previous steps.

SO once finished to run he needs after to go back in the run, remove the previous run and more important link again the defect he might have created previously.

=> Would it be possible to be able to directly edit the steps of an ongoing test run ? (it could be a specific right as the idea to "freeze" for a schedule run is ok in most of the case).

  • hello,

    Sorry  I missed the one you mentionned : Yes definitively it's the same need.

    If there is a way to remove my suggestino and keep the original you mentionned, don't hesitate to close my suggestion/remove it.


    Thanks !

  • Hi  
    Looks like a duplicate of this one?