There was an error with the search service. Search term is in an invalid format

over 5 years ago

After running a search in Atlas, zero results are returned and the following error is displayed:

This is caused by a corrupted search index or database.

To resolve:

  • Open services.msc and locate the service "StarTeam Server - AtlasSuite" and stop it.
  • Also stop the service called "Hub Search Web Service 15"
  • Browse to your CM Hub installation directory under Program Files and enter the folder named Repository.
  • Move the folders named "SearchIndex" and "SearchDB" to another location.
  • Start the Borland Atlas Web Service service.
  • Launch the CM Hub Administration console and click Configure Search

  • Check the box "Enable search for StarTeam Server" and click OK
  • In services.msc restart the service "StarTeam Server - AtlasSuite"

Once all services have restarted, search will now function correctly in Atlas.

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