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5 Reasons to Start Upgrading from Performance Center 12.6x

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Note: The name “LoadRunner Enterprise” may be used instead of “Performance Center” in this article. 

Did you know that Performance Center 12.6x will reach its end of committed support in September 2022? LoadRunner Enterprise is the upgraded version of Performance Center. This is your opportunity to migrate to LoadRunner Enterprise to take advantage of support and numerous new features and functionalities.

Read the Product Support Lifecycle Policy for more information on changes to support. 

What are the top 5 reasons to upgrade from Performance Center 12.6x?

  1. Modernized User Interface

End users and administrators can expect an elevated user experience with the switch from Performance Center to LoadRunner Enterprise. You will have a more user-friendly interface and modern design with Web Editor, Quick Trending, Test Results Access, Project Management, and Monitor and Analysis templates. These enhancements will ensure you have a simplified testing experience to maximize efficiency.

  1. Infrastructure Enhancements

LoadRunner Enterprise’s infrastructure has been upgraded to be more robust, simplifying administration and upgrades. Site management and multitenancy, new REST API operations, and richer alerts will accelerate your testing processes and reduce test times.

  1. Architectural Simplification

LoadRunner Enterprise provides a simplified architecture which allows you to take advantage of a better total cost of ownership. It has been decoupled from ALM and uses its own independent database server. This change will ensure future upgrades and managing will be faster and more efficient.

  1. Execution and Analysis

LoadRunner Enterprise is a one-stop shop for execution and analysis with extensive support for different integrations from scripting, APM, CI/CD, containers, and visualization. With LoadRunner Enterprise, you have access to LoadRunner Developer which is a fully integrated tool that enables shift-left performance testing. You can natively run scripts and reuse assets all within LoadRunner Enterprise. Service Virtualization is also included with LoadRunner Enterprise which allows you to connect Virtual Services and simulations during performance testing. In addition, you can analyze end-to-end performance, including topography, infrastructure level, and advanced insights.

  1. VuGen and Protocol Upgrades

With every LoadRunner Enterprise release you can expect an abundance of protocol enhancements. A few of the protocols that are updated include TC Browser, Citrix, SAPGUI, and Kafka. Here’s a complete list of supported protocols. 

Planning Your Upgrade

To ensure upgrading to LoadRunner Enterprise is a smooth process, we recommend upgrading in one of three ways. You can upgrade on your own using this quick guide or by following step-by-step instructions on page 38 of our LoadRunner Enterprise Installation Guide. You also have the option to get Professional Services help on your upgrade or move to LoadRunner Enterprise SaaS with an assisted migration. 

Learn More

To learn more about the enhancements introduced to LoadRunner Enterprise in the last two years, check out our What’s New in LoadRunner Enterprise data sheet. You can also explore the advantages of upgrading to LoadRunner Enterprise by watching our “What’s New” videos.


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