5 Things You Missed at Micro Focus Universe about Functional Testing

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Delivery Management

 Our Micro Focus Universe 2022 event was an incredible success. Over two days, we showcased amazing new solutions, revealed key product insights and initiatives, and streamed customer- and Micro Focus-led sessions directly to all attendees.

Events like these are revered by us at Micro Focus because we have the privilege to engage directly with customers and partners. Attending virtual events isn’t practical for everyone, though. Not to worry, we’ve rounded up the highlights about Micro Focus Functional Testing at this year’s Universe!

Key highlights from Micro Focus Universe

All sessions at Universe were content-packed with curated, track-specific themes spanning Micro Focus’ entire portfolio from end-to-end. With this in mind, let’s dive into the highlights that speak directly to Functional Testing audiences.

1. Automate Everything: Closing the Gap to Delivering Software at the Speed of Business

In this session, Micro Focus’ Senior Director of Product Management, Ayal Cohen, explored the challenges with insufficient test coverage and relentless test maintenance, and highlighted why organizations struggle to innovate rapidly.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • Why adopting functional AI-driven testing increases test resiliency
  • How to get on the right path to improve your test automation ROI
  • How modern model-based approaches achieve maximum testing coverage and productivity

2. Shift Everywhere: Facing a New Paradigm Shift in Our Continuous Testing World

Micro Focus’ Chief Technologist, Don Jackson, weighed in on why organizations should adapt to a “shift everywhere” culture through the delivery of test resiliency, acceleration of continuous testing feedback loops, and exploration of performance testing needs throughout the development lifecycle.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • How organization can traverse this new testing landscape and avoid known pitfalls
  • How AI computer vision and natural language processing help domain experts who lack deep testing knowledge
  • How incorporating performance testing maximizes productivity

3. Model-Based Testing: Exceptional Experiences Everywhere with AI-powered Functional Test Automation

Micro Focus’ Senior Product Manager, Motti Fine, explored how investments in Model-Based Testing optimize your testing experience and performance from end-to-end, extending testing to more testers on your software delivery team.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • How Model-Based Testing helps align functional testing activities with business requirements
  • How to employ smart coverage strategies for optimal test design
  • How UFT One and no-code testing with AI Codeless Testing work with Model-Based Testing

4. Customer Spotlight: The Value of UFT One at Independent Health

Our featured customer for Functional Testing in EMEA/Americas this year was none other than Chris Trimper from Independent Health, whose extensive expertise is well-known in software QA and functional testing circles. Together with our Chief Technologist, Don Jackson, Chris illustrated the value that Micro Focus brought to Independent Health using a combination of mind mapping and storytelling.

Watch this EMEA/Americas session on-demand to learn:

  • How Independent Health leverages a breadth of Micro Focus solutions in-house and why
  • Which specific best practices and technologies do Independent Health reserve for Micro Focus solutions
  • How Independent Health evolves and maximizes their value by continuously innovating

> Read Independent Health’s case study

5. Customer Spotlight: Implementing Test Automation Utilizing UFT One

Our featured customer for Functional Testing in APJ this year was Yasuhiro Matsui, Assistant Manager of IT Application Development at ORIX Life Insurance Corporation. As a life insurance company, ORIX has many systems with a history, and they are just starting to take drastic measures for the future.

Watch this APJ session on-demand to learn:

  • How ORIX introduced their efforts in implementing test automation
  • Why ORIX chose UFT One
  • The achievements that ORIX attained through test automation

Watch Micro Focus Universe On-Demand

If you didn’t get the chance to attend, we invite you to register or login to access the on-demand sessions from the Micro Focus Universe 2022 website. We have lots of exciting customer- and Micro Focus-led sessions for you to watch at your own pace.

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