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5 Things You Missed at the Application Delivery Virtual Summit

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Our Application Delivery Virtual Summit was an incredible success. We showcased amazing solutions, revealed key product insights and initiatives, and streamed both customer and OpenText-led sessions directly to our attendees. All sessions were content-packed with curated, track-specific themes spanning multiple OpenText portfolios and everything in between.

 Events like these are revered by us because we have the privilege to engage directly with you, our customers and partners. But attending virtual events isn’t practical for everyone. Not to worry, we’ve rounded up the highlights from this year’s summit for you! With that in mind, let’s dive in.

1. Accelerating Application Delivery for Transformative Business Value

Enabling accelerated delivery, with total quality, is the mission of the Application Delivery Management (ADM) team at OpenText.

Watch this session on-demand to hear:

  • Tal Levi Joseph, ADM VP Products & Engineering, highlight our vision and how you can leverage DevOps, VSM, AI, and more.
  • Tom Ament, ADM GTM Leader, speak about how we are partnering with customers to help them deliver transformative business value. 
  • David Hurwitz, ADM VP Marketing, talk about ValueEdge23—the new version of our DevOps and Value Stream Management platform that’s brimming with new modules, capabilities, and breakthrough benefits.

> Read ValueEdge23's Press Release

2. Enhancing Software Quality

Customers are adopting a business-oriented focus while providing internal and external stakeholders business-critical, real-time data on any device, anytime, anywhere. In this panelist session, our customers discussed how they leverage the latest technologies and tools to deliver business value across their organizations.

Catch a replay of this session to hear success stories from:

  • Richard Bishop, Lead Quality Engineer, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Chris Trimper, QA Automation Architect, Independent Health
  • Sébastien Lemmens, DevOps/ALM Architecture-Senior Consultant at Aprico Consultants

Read Independent Health’s case study

3. Quality & Testing 2030

Our product experts, Ayal Cohen, David Mcleish, and Udi Weinberg discussed how you can manage and optimize tests at scale all while ensuring flawless user experience. 

Watch this session on-demand and learn how to: 

  • Slash test creation and execution time.
  • Embed quality throughout the release process.
  • Realize the benefits of performance engineering approach.
  • Engineer performance earlier in the SDLC for an optimal user experience.
  • Manage and optimize tests at scale, within the business context.

4. Strategic Planning in an Agile World

In this session, Victoria Voinigescu and Alan Wendt offered expert insight into how strategic portfolio management can help connect business strategy and agile delivery, enabling teams to deliver the greatest impact. 

Watch on-demand and learn how to: 

  • Align corporate investments, strategies and goals to Agile teams, based on the priorities of those corporate investments. 
  • Collaborate on common goals to make the greatest impact.
  • Unify hierarchical data for a high-level view of business value streams and a drilled-down view of individual product and initiative data. 

5. Smarter Insights – Powered by AI

OpenText experts Oren Ziv and Yuval Koren discussed how you can optimize your entire delivery process with actionable insights and advanced AI-based analytics.

Check out this session on-demand to learn more about how: 

  • AI and machine learning are changing the world and how this will affect SW delivery all the way from the CEO to the code base.
  • Executive dashboard illuminates flow across products, value streams and portfolios.
  • AI-based time-to-market predictions improve delivery predictability and optimization. 
  • Performance trends become everyone’s concern as visibility improves. 
  • Intelligent value stream insights deliver focused information via a real-time dashboard.

Watch On-Demand

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