A New Beginning: Reflecting on 2019, Welcoming LoadRunner 2020

by in Application Delivery Management

Before we say “good-bye” to 2019, the Micro Focus product team would like to extend our gratitude to you, our customers, for being our partners in continuously improving the industry-leading Performance Testing software portfolio we have today. Our partnership started more than 25 years ago when we launched LoadRunner and defined the Performance Testing market. And because of you, we remain the global leader in this space.

LoadRunner 2020.jpgOur commitment to providing you the best Performance Testing solution in the industry didn’t stop with LoadRunner. Fast forward another decade and with your feedback, coupled with the industry’s increasing pressure to rapidly release software to stay competitive, we built upon the success of LoadRunner and created Performance Center to support enterprise needs. Then again in 2014, we further extended the LoadRunner platform to deliver StormRunner Load for those of you needing a cloud-based solution. 

Two years ago, we decided to consolidate the portfolio under one umbrella to help all of our customers understand how together, as a unified and comprehensive offering, our products and services can meet their needs now and in the future.  As we enter 2020, we’re excited to announce the new LoadRunner portfolio of integrated Performance Testing solutions. The LoadRunner family is designed to facilitate collaboration across different organizations and geographies so that you can deliver the application efficiency, endurance, and stability required to achieve superb quality and speed at enterprise scale, even during peak traffic, with unprecedented test accuracy.

 As part of the LoadRunner family consolidation, we have evolved our product names accordingly:

  • LoadRunner is now LoadRunner Professional 2020
  • Performance Center is now LoadRunner Enterprise 2020
  • StormRunner Load is now LoadRunner Cloud 2020

But LoadRunner 2020 is more than just a name. Our 2020 product releases represent major enhancement that are packed with exciting features to continue solving our customers’ most pressing challenges while ensuring the product meets market demands such as the need to shift-left testing; rapid identification of anomalies with efficient root cause analysis; integrations to unleash the full potential of open source; embracing DevOps without sacrificing end-to-end testing; support for the digital and cloud transformation journeys; and, complete CI/CD toolchain integration.

As it’s been for the past 25 years and will continue for at least 25 more, you can rely on the LoadRunner family to enable superior Performance Engineering.  While our product names are changing, our commitment to you, our customers, remains the same. Welcome to LoadRunner 2020.


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