Achieve superior outcomes with the UFT Family of Smarter Functional Testing Products

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UFT products.pngMicro Focus is proud to announce a series of new releases for our Functional Testing portfolio. The products are designed to help our customers test smarter, and achieve superior outcomes by delivering a high-quality, multi-platform experience for their users. Here’s a short roundup of the top features and enhancements across all of our UFT Family of Functional Testing products – UFT One, UFT Developer, UFT Mobile, and Service Virtualization.

UFT One 15.0.1

Artificial Intelligence – The AI capabilities in UFT One offer testers a more natural way of testing than ever before. On top of the mobile app testing capabilities that were introduced in the previous release, the new 15.0.1 release extends the AI engine to web-based testing, accelerating the creation of test automation assets, increasing their resiliency,  and reducing the maintenance effort needed to keep up with rapid application changes (Watch: How AI is revolutionizing Software Test Automation).

Technology – Support for Baidu and Google Cloud OCR to help with text recognition; Microsoft Chromium Edge now supported; SAP testing in Chrome; and a host of other enhancements, including support for over 20 additional technology stacks and versions.

Usability – Dark-mode theme in the UFT One IDE; Docker containers for API Testing; No need to select add-ins when opening UFT One – add-ins associated with tests are now automatically loaded.

uft 1501.png

Mobile Testing – Improved testing on devices hosted on AWS Device Farm; Capturing animated GIFs during testing; iOS hybrid app testing enhancements; command-line support for registering Browser Control.


UFT Developer 15.0.1

Result analytics - UFT Developer 15.0.1 can now capture a screen recording of the desktop, to make it easier to find the root cause of a test failure.

uft dev 1501.png


Technology updates – Lots of updates here: Support for new versions of IntelliJ, Eclipse, and Android Studio IDEs; Java 13 and SapGUI 7.60; and support for the latest browser and OS versions


UFT Mobile 3.4

Digital lab – Download a report of your exploratory test session, including screen captures, logs, and test details; Run XCTest and Espresso tests on devices connected to UFT Mobile.

uft mobile 34.png


Mobile lifecycle – Get an alert on device metric (eg. WiFi connectivity, temperature) changes; Configure and initialize Genymotion Cloud emulators from the UFT Mobile console

Technology – Use AWS Device Farm devices for automated and manual testing, including viewing the device in real-time during testing; Updated Appium to the latest release, 1.17.0

Manage and deploy – UFT Mobile is available both on-premises and on SaaS. With the ability to deploy devices locally and remotely, users have full deployment flexibility of the entire UFT Mobile experience; New workspace admin role; LDAP synchronization and import of users from a CSV file.


Service Virtualization 5.3

service 53.png


Design, simulation and protocols – Improved usability with highlighting in the data model; New import and export of logged messages into the Service Virtualization project; New multi-queue request and response messaging options; SSL and more granular IBM WebSphere MQ configuration.

SV Lab enhancements – Data driving using JSON datasets; adjustments to the simulation algorithm for stateless simulation scenarios; Improved learning of variables, application scenario variables and scenario parameters; Added transparent proxy behavior into the HTTP/HTTPS connector; Improved REST modeling and simulation, with path parameter learning and handling, asynchronous request/response timing and JSON handling.



Feel free to join us on the Functional Testing community, and hop over to the ADM Idea Exchange to let us know what other features you’d like to see in the Micro Focus products to help you test smarter and achieve better outcomes!