AI-Powered Testing in the Cloud with UFT One and AWS

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 Recently, we partnered with our friends at AWS to launch a workshop for Micro Focus UFT One. We are proud to announce it is now publicly available at

In this workshop, you will learn why AI-based functional test automation is an essential DevOps practice that builds quality into your application delivery pipeline. Furthermore, it walks you through the process of designing an AI-based test—from recording, to running, to inspecting the results and details of each step in your test.

Before you jump into the workshop, it’s beneficial to understand why we crafted our workshop with a strong AI focus, and why we chose UFT One as the premier solution to showcase.

Intelligent Test Automation with Embedded AI-based Capabilities

The world’s biggest names in finance, healthcare, retail, and technology use Micro Focus UFT One to test continuously with confidence. Our premium, industry-standard functional test automation solution helps organizations test earlier and more often while driving continuous quality. With the advent of intelligent automation into the world of testing, UFT One now delivers the speed and resiliency required to achieve automation at scale across an integrated DevOps ecosystem of lifecycle management and continuous integration tools.

Why Enterprises Embrace DevOps

Before diving into the innovations around UFT One and AI, it’s important to understand the role that DevOps plays in delivering high-quality applications to production at any time. It attempts to remove artificial impediments and empowers the team to be responsible and accountable for the applications they build and release. And when customer expectations are as high as timelines are short, delivering value at the “speed of business” requires aligning business needs with the application delivery process. Today, that process includes:

  • Removing constraints to avoid technical debt.
  • Automating manual work—everything from build, to deploy, to testing.
  • Increasing stakeholder visibility across every value stream.
  • Collaborating continuously and acting upon feedback at each stage.

Therefore, enabling a DevOps culture will be the engine of change that brings real benefits to your organization, such as:

  • Boosting business confidence. DevOps encourages teams to expose end-users to the applications as early as possible to get feedback faster.
  • Building a better experience. Using continuous feedback, real data and KPIs, your DevOps team can make course corrections immediately.
  • Reducing operational friction. By investing in automated testing and deployment, fewer surprises will crop up when moving to production.
  • Delivering high quality applications. The emphasis on being able to release at any time means that the DevOps team has to sustain high standards of quality consistently.

The Role of AI in DevOp’s Future

UFT One is a natural citizen in the DevOps world. Its open architecture and CI/CD integrations support multiple testing strategies, eliminate bottlenecks, and increase efficiencies across your lifecycle. UFT One’s DevOps-enabled toolchain also provides continuous testing support for open source, third-party, and Micro Focus solutions from version control to continuous integration to agile management.

When reading the tea leaves on the forward direction of DevOps and continuous testing, there’s no doubt that the future will be AI-driven. AI is already an asset in DevOps today as it enhances the application development process and makes testing more efficient. Updating your repository from sensitive property-based objects to AI-based objects increases the resiliency of your tests and reduces maintenance time. Having your objects on an AI neural network also increases the speed of your tests.

Wrap Up

Micro Focus UFT One accelerates and simplifies end-to-end test automation with one intelligent tool that builds and automates tests for web, mobile, API, and enterprise apps using embedded AI-based capabilities. With industry-leading support of 200+ technologies including SAP, Salesforce, Java, Citrix and more, UFT One increases test coverage from the UI to the API—and everything in between—for true omnichannel app testing.

UFT One is also a leader in the AI revolution for test automation. Its AI-based capabilities include computer vision, machine learning and advanced optical character recognition (OCR). Combined with AI-based mockup identification, recording, text matching, and image-based automation, DevOps teams benefit from:

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