Announcing the availability of PPM 9.54

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of PPM 9.54, the latest release of our Project and Portfolio Management solution for planning and managing your project/portfolio initiatives, and investments throughout the lifecycle process.

What’s New
PPM 9.54 includes new capabilities and enhancements—most of which were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers and partners.

Primary Features and Benefits
Team Management –We continue to improve the way enterprises manage and monitor Agile/DevOps project teams, giving them deeper insights and the ability to monitor capacity visually. PPM 9.54 now includes:

  • At-a-glance charts that show team capacity, running cost, billing cost, and more
  • Added to the fields available to be synced between JIRA and PPM
  • New PPM mobile web client with improved UI and better performance

Key Features
Team Overview Tab

  • Bar charts show team capacity to make sure projects have sufficient resources to succeed
  • View team running cost and billing cost side-by-side make it easy to monitor shared resources

Team Heatmap Tab

  • Use filters to view capacity, demand, and allocation by team, project, and role
  • Easily visualize utilization percentage with customizable colors

For More Information
See the Help Center for a full description of these new features and additional enhancements.

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