Application lifecycle management just got smarter – ALM/QC 15.5 released

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ALM image_677x338.jpgWe are excited to announce version 15.5 of ALM/Quality Center (ALM/QC). With the goal to continuously deliver added value to customers’ investment and to help them adapt to new trends in application development world, this release focuses on:

  • Advanced data insights
  • Enhanced end-user environment and usability
  • Improved Agile/DevOps integration
  • Full function REST API with official support
  • Ease of administration

Discover more with advanced analytics

A new design gives every graph a more modern and friendly appearance. And two new graph types show how certain metrics relate to each other, and measure trends over time.

The composite graph type combines and correlates entities (of same type or different type) across multiple graphs, providing the insight not previously available.  A new Test Instance Graph - Test Execution - Planned vs. Actual graph, shows the actual test execution progress versus the ideal, for the specified test instances and period of time. This graph is also available as part of the Health Report.

planned vs actual.png


Enjoy a productive work environment

ALM/QC has been running its client in IE (Internet Explorer) browser. To reflect the proliferation of devices and browsers, we added several new clients in recent years:

  • Client Launcher—for Windows desktops, offering full-set of client functionalities
  • Web Runner—a pure web-based client for QA and tester roles
  • QoT (Quality of Things) —runs on handheld devices, for offline/online manual tests

This release continues to enhance Web Runner and Client Launcher.

Besides manual test execution, Web Runner functionalities now include the execution of automated tests, defect management, and dashboard views. An administration page is added for some Web Runner settings.

Every end-user has been able to install Client Launcher without needing administrator privilege. It is now even easier as client files update automatically, eliminating the need for client maintenance. In addition, a new user interface, “My Homepage”, welcomes every user after signing in. It displays outstanding work, and helps users easily access recently modified items.



This release has also introduced zoom-in/zoom-out feature in a tree or grid view, allowing users to adjust it to their most comfortable scale.

Go Agile and DevOps

While many customers like the Enterprise Agile and DevOps capabilities within ALM Octane, moving all the work to it was not always easy – there are cases where customers need to keep some test scripts in ALM/QC.

ALM/QC 15.5 has introduced a test injection feature that pushes the results of ALM/QC managed tests, such as UFT and Business Process Tests, into ALM Octane. This helps hybrid-mode development teams consolidate all tests into a single point of truth.

Do more with official full-function REST API

A REST API enables the connection of applications from the widest array of platforms, to create innovative new composite applications.

While ALM/QC has had a REST API for some years, our officially supported REST API only covered a small part of the ALM/QC functionalities, while a full-function REST API was in Technical Preview. ALM/QC 15.5 means the release of an officially supported full-function Core REST API - a complete solution where most ALM/QC operations can integrate with third-party applications. The official support gives customers more confidence in using their ALM REST API based apps in production environments.

Reduce administration overhead

Highly scalable, ALM/QC can support large-scale application projects and many customers have now accumulated significant quantities of ALM/QC data. Compliance, analytics, and other reasons require the retention of this valuable data. Now, an ALM Robot new feature (technical preview) enables the importing or exporting large amounts of data and multiple projects in a single operation. Multiple archiving activities can run in parallel, and progress of them can be seen intuitively.

archiving wizard.png

The new release makes client deployment a breeze. Administrators no longer need to manually prepare client file package for Client Launcher to download. The package will be automatically generated during ALM/QC installation.

For more information about this release, please refer to the Release Notes and watch the release video.

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