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Extreme load testing in StormRunner Load using NV Insights

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 Guest post by Amir Meron, StormRunner Load, R&D

What is the NV Insights report and why should you use it in StormRunner Load?

It has become standard that site developers test their application under extreme load conditions. Testing how well the application behaves in these conditions is very important, but it’s not enough in today’s world. Users are connecting to the internet using many types of networks and are roaming from one network to another. The effect of network transitions and connectivity disruptions may affect not only the user experience, but also the behavior and availability of the application itself. Therefore, testing and measuring the application under different network conditions is a must in order to fully understand its behavior in extreme conditions.

To conform to such standards, StormRunner Load introduced a new feature - the NV Insights report. The NV Insights report provides information about how the application under test performs over various types of networks while the load is applied. It also gives optimization recommendations for improving an application’s performance.

An example of the NV Insights report:

  • Transaction duration and throughput with “WAN Good” network emulation.NV Transaction overview.png



  • “Action/Transaction” optimization recommendations.NV optimization recommendations.PNG


    How do you generate this valuable report in StormRunner Load?

    To generate a report follow these steps:

    • Upload a script (WEB_HTTP or TruClient)
    • In the load test’s configuration:
  • Define the number of Vusers and the script duration
  • Define the Vuser distribution
  • Navigate to the Client Side Breakdown tabNV Client side breakdown.png



  • Check the NV Insights checkbox and select a scriptNV Insights checkbox.png


  • Start the test

Halfway through the test, NV Insights runs the script on a single Vuser on the most popular location and with the most popular network emulation. The script is executed for a single iteration and at the end of it, a report is generated. You can view the report in the Client Side Breakdown tab on the Test Results page:SRL Transaction overview.png



That’s it! If you want to take advantage of this new exciting feature, just select the NV Insights check box and select a script.

For more information about StormRunner Load, visit StormRunner Load Help Center




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