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Highlights from the State of VSM Report 2022

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Delivery Management

Find out what this year’s State of VSM Report covers and learn why flow is an essential metric for a solid value stream management approach. 

New to value stream management (VSM)? You’re not alone. According to the State of VSM Report 2022, most organizations are new to this exciting approach to software delivery. The upside is that VSM promises a strong competitive advantage for early adopters, given that their competitors are likely sleeping on it. Fortunately, the State of VSM Report is chock full of helpful information and tips for newcomers. 

Micro Focus is proud to be a Leader Member of the nonprofit VSM Consortium, which conducted the research and wrote the report. In the report, Yaniv Sayers, ADM CTO at Micro Focus, says that implementing VSM is a journey. That sage advice reflects our approach with customers—we help them adopt VSM the easy way. 

The State of VSM Report 2022 documents the need for an incremental approach. For instance, it touts “a hybrid model where the traditional (organizational) structure remains, but the value streams are made visible.” Such an approach organically includes VSM metrics in managing the delivery lifecycle. Chief among those metrics are flow and waste, the visibility of which can instantly help your software organization improve its value delivery. 

While waste reduction is a deserved obsession of VSM, flow is the most important metric. Tracking cycle time and lead time is a common way to measure flow. More visibility into flow gives you an analytic umbrella under which you can make meaningful process improvements. It also leads to significant business value. When integrated with business tools, such as financial systems, you bridge the gap between the business and IT. 

Ultimately, flow must be measured across the entire digital value stream (DVS). But the report makes it clear that a VSM journey can begin by measuring flow in one part of the DVS—e.g., Dev or Quality—and then expanding upstream and downstream. 

Given the emphasis on flow, it’s fitting that the VSM Consortium has named their annual event Flowtopia. The inaugural Flowtopia will debut on October 17 at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas. I’ll be there, leading a discussion about VSM at 3:45 p.m. PDT. Please join us! 

Download the full report for more information.


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