Introducing New Releases of UFT One and UFT Developer

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Test Earlier, Smarter and Faster with Enhanced AI-Based Capabilities

The latest Micro Focus Functional Testing releases build on existing AI-based capabilities and extend them to developers for shift-left testing. These releases also provide enhancements for faster and smarter testing, helping developers and testers to reduce test creation and execution time, boost test coverage, increase the resiliency of testing assets, and cut down on test maintenance efforts.

Here is a preview of the top features and enhancements for UFT One and UFT Developer, all designed to help you test faster, test smarter, include more testers in the team, and achieve superior outcomes.


UFT One 15.0.2 provides new features and enhancements that accelerate end-to-end functional test automation with one intelligent solution for enterprise apps using embedded AI-based capabilities, including:

Smarter: AI-Based and Intelligent Testing Enhancements for Increased Efficiencies

  • AI-based enhancements include: a new AI Recorder; AI Mockup Identification; AI Checkpoints; and the AI Transformation Assistant.
  • Intelligent test automation enhancements include: a new Object Identification Center—the next generation Object Spy (technical preview).

Faster: Performance Enhancements Accelerate Test Automation at Full Velocity 

  • 3x faster test execution speed (web, Windows-based objects, and Insight Recording)
  • Run API tests in parallel with ParallelRunner

Enhanced Ecosystem: Additional DevOps Integrations for Continuous Testing

  • CI-CD plugin improvements include enhancements for Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Version control improvements include enhancements for Object Repositories and Function Libraries.

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UFT Developer

UFT Developer ushers in the next generation of shift-left testing with 15.0.2 and 16.0 (EAP). Based on extensive customer feedback, UFT Developer 16.0 has been reengineered from the ground up. Featuring revolutionary AI-based test automation capabilities and the addition of the ever-popular Python SDK, organizations can now fully maximize their shift-left vision, automating end to end tests across  desktop, web, mobile and mainframe, enabling developers and agile testers with exciting new tools.

UFT Developer 15.0.2 and UFT Developer 16.0 (early access) releases provide new features and enhancements that focus on strengthening capabilities for Developers and Testers, improving their ability to begin testing in the software development lifecycle as early as possible. New features and enhancements include:

Shift Left with AI-Based Testing (16.0 early access preview)

Shift testing left with smarter, AI-based testing. Developers and agile testers can reduce test creation time, reduce test maintenance, increase test resiliency, boost test coverage, and provide for a more natural interaction / test like a human would use the app. Also, tests are cross-browser and cross-platform, tests can be written and executed even when the UI is still in prototyping phase. 

  • New AI-based object recognition is technology-independent and will identify many forms of object types across IDEs, languages, frameworks. Provides cross-platform and cross-browser support for web and mobile.
  • AI-based Mockup Test automation – AI-based tests can be written even when the UI is still in prototyping phase.
  • Includes the new AI-based recorder, AI-based object identification, and an AI feedback tool to enhance recognition.

Powerful Python Test Automation (16.0 early access preview)

Shift testing left with Python. UFT Developer enables developers and agile testers to write tests in Python. In addition to Java and .NET. The Python SDK covers all technologies and can be recorded as well. the Developer can now more easily contribute to testing using the tools that they work with without having to learn a new language and agile teams can create automated tests in the same language as the Developers for a more agile pipeline.

  • New SDK to record and replay scripts in Python

Local Device Test Automation at No Additional Cost (16.0 early access preview)

  • New Mobile Lite component create and execute automated tests on connected mobile devices

Out-of-the Box Testing Just Got Faster…And Easier (16.0 early access preview)

Startpage and Project/Recording Wizard will help first time users to get used up and running with UFT Developer within minutes. No longer necessary to install browser plugins to test any for cross-browser support. Interactive recording helps to more easily and accurately record what really should belong in the scripts.

  • Guided Workflows to jumpstart new projects from scratch
  • Selenium-based browser support that will automatically download the required WebDriver for the supported browsers
  • Technology add-ins are automatically selected based on the application under test

Dark Themed Reporting (15.0.2)

  • Enhanced legibility and readability of HTML-based reports with an aesthetically pleasing dark theme

Docker container enhancements (15.0.2)

  • UFT Developer grid supports docker
  • Docker images have been updated with node.js 12
  • Support for setting the user for the container

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