Introducing StormRunner Functional! Optimize your functional testing for web and mobile applications

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It is with great pleasure and excitement that we publicly announce the general availability of StormRunner Functional, a SaaS solution designed for teams looking to optimize their functional testing for Web and Mobile applications. Application teams today are expected to deliver faster than ever, all without compromising on quality. That requires a new approach to quality and testing and continuous feedback.

StormRunner Functional was built from the ground up to support the Micro Focus toolset, such as Unified Functional Testing, alongside popular Open Source solutions. It was built to deliver an all-new user experience, drive efficiency and collaboration, and reduce the total cost of ownership surrounding application quality and testing.

We started this journey over 18 months ago by analyzing over 800 customer enhancement requests that pointed us in the direction of an elastic test execution service. We then took to the street (and sky), and met with over 300 customers worldwide; speaking with close to 500 individual practitioners. In these meetings, we identified approximately 40 unique challenges shared by the testing community. We then narrowed these 40 down to three common themes: building and maintaining a Digital Lab, right-sizing text execution, maintaining current investment in automation.

1 - Building and maintaining a Digital Lab

For most enterprise teams, building and maintaining a digital lab is a full-time job; quite often for more than one person! Compound this personnel cost with the time it can take to prepare a lab for testing, such as preparing the virtual machines, security patches, and installing different browser versions, and the impact to an organization is significant. StormRunner Functional provides an on-demand digital lab with all of the browsers, operating systems and mobile devices needed for complete application test coverage. Now test teams can focus on what's important, the quality of their applications.

2 - Right-sizing test execution

Right-sizing test execution is all about knowing what to test, and executing only those tests that are needed against the environments that best represent your actual users. Doing this effectively requires insight into production usage and on-demand access to the right environments to accurately represent those conditions. Effective test execution also requires insight into the functional areas that are most critical. StormRunner Functional will give testers insight into production usage, allowing them to test those areas of the application that are used the most.

3 - Maintaining current investment in automation

Lastly, the testers we spoke to wanted to be able to maintain and leverage their existing test assets. Every so often, a vendor comes along and proclaims to have a “better way” to automate application testing, only to force users into starting from scratch. This is a costly exercise, and most often fails to yield a significant ROI.

With StormRunner Functional, we provide the ability to execute any test type, across any Web or Mobile environment, without building a new set of automation assets. StormRunner Functional will support Micro Focus tools and Selenium/Appium from day one, and we plan to add support additional tools over time. We understand that you don't want to waste your time converting to a new tool or framework when you don't have to.

From a feature perspective, StormRunner Functional provides key capabilities to the functional testing team:

  • Exploratory - Design and run exploratory testing sessions directly against Web and Mobile applications.
  • Automation - Run UFT, UFT Pro (LeanFT), or Open Source (Selenium & Appium*) tests remotely from your existing tools, upload them to StormRunner Functional, or create new scripts in StormRunner Functional using an online recorder.
  • Browser and Mobile Lab – Run tests against hundreds of browsers and operating system combinations using an on-demand virtual lab. Test mobile apps on your local devices or a hosted mobile device lab powered by Micro Focus Mobile Center.
  • Analytics - Use powerful analytics to understand what truly needs to be tested. Leverage the integration with the customer’s Google Analytics to bring actionable data from the customer’s production site to StormRunner Functional.
  • DevOps eco-system - A rich integration stack that supports leading CI/CD tools and a full public API* and SDK.
  • Capture application defects - Export defect information directly to ALM Octane.

(*coming soon)

StormRunner Functional joins a proud heritage of Functional Testing solutions from Micro Focus, including Unified Functional Testing (UFT), UFT Pro (LeanFT), Business Process Testing (BPT) and Sprinter for manual testing. Born in the cloud, StormRunner Functional sits alongside StormRunner Load and ALM Octane as our next-gen solutions for Functional Testing, Performance Testing, and pipeline-driven Lifecycle Management. When combined together, they are part of an integrated, end-to-end Application Delivery Management suite supporting DevOps and traditional application delivery methodologies.

Learn more about this integration in this blog: UFT and UFT Pro (LeanFT) 14.02: Bursting into the Cloud with StormRunner Functional

Our goal is to deliver a solution that is easy to use, connected to your existing tools and practices, and provides immediate value whether you are executing ten or ten thousand tests with every release. Try it for yourself today, at and meet Mars the robot in this video.


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