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Introducing UFT Developer 15.0.2!

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UFT Developer 15.0.2_Blog_WhatsNew.pngWe’re pleased to announce the release of Micro Focus ​UFT Developer 15.0.2!

This version of UFT Developer is a mostly enhancing existing features, all designed to support the trend of shift-left functional testing. This blog will briefly touch on UFT Developer’s new capabilities.


What’s new in UFT Developer 15.0.2

UFT Developer 15.0.2 is focused on strengthening existing capabilities. At the same time we are rearchitecting UFT Developer from the ground up, to enter the new era of shift-left functional testing with UFT Developer 16.0 EAP.


Dark Theme Report

Following the dark mode trend, UFT Developer has enhanced its legibility and readability of the HTML based report with an aesthetically dark theme that’s friendlier on your eyes.

UFT Developer 15.0.2_DarkReport.png


Docker container enhancements

  • UFT Developer grid supports docker
  • Docker images have been updated with node.js 12
  • Support for setting the user for the container


Technology Updates

  • IntelliJ 2020, 2020.2: is now a supported IDE that can be used with UFT Developer
  • Eclipse 4.16: is now a be used with UFT Developer
  • Android Studio 4: is now a supported IDE that can be used with UFT Developer
  • Java 14: is now a certified technology
  • Angular 8.x, 9.x: is now a certified technology
  • Browser and OS support is continually evolving to support new versions


Learn More

Check out “What’s New” in UFT Developer 15.0.2​ to see the complete list of features and technologies, or browse the full UFT Developer Product Availability Matrix​ from our Online Help Center.


Wrap Up

Check out the this new UFT Developer version:


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