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Introducing UFT Developer 2021!

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Delivery Management

Micro Focus is proud to announce the release of Micro Focus UFT Developer 2021!

UFT Developer 2021 introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its rich feature set, helping developers and DevTesters simplify test creation, streamline test execution, and reduce the time spent on test maintenance.

This latest version also delivers significant technology updates that extend the reach of shift-left functional test automation further than ever before.

To help highlight the features and benefits of this release, here are eight new things you should know about UFT Developer 2021.

#1. Shift-Left with AI-Driven Testing

UFT Developer joins the world of intelligent test automation with the adoption of AI!

AI testing in UFT Developer is technology-independent and identifies objects visually like human do—supporting object descriptions that include control type and associated text, as well as descriptions of other controls nearby.

Our new “AI Inspection” interface lets you start inspecting your app (or mockup images of your app), identifying objects, creating the steps you want to test, and automatically generating JavaScript or Java code to add to your test.

#2. Docker Container Enhancements

Our latest enhancements let you run TestNG tests on UFT Developer Docker containers. You can also run tests on web sites that use self-signed certificates by providing a certificate for the browser to use inside your container.

In addition, our images on Docker Hub now come with Java 11 installed to help reduce extra work for you.

#3. Web Testing Enhancements

Test even more in UFT Developer 2021 with our latest supported web and embedded browser enhancements.

  • Testing web apps in Microsoft Edge WebView2 and NW.js embedded browsers
  • Testing web apps on multiple Safari tabs and frames

You can also specify the location of your web driver rather than having to store it in the location specified by UFT Developer.

#4. Oracle Testing Enhancements

Oracle objects now support the “SelectFromPopupMenu” method, which opens a context menu and selects an option in it.

#5. Performance Enhancements

UFT Developer 2021 improves on its performance for running tests on Windows 10.

#6. Versioning Numbering Update

The version numbers for UFT Developer now follows a date-based format rather than the traditional semantic-based format.

#7. Installation Update

The UFT Developer installation now requires the 2019 version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable as a prerequisite.

#8. Technology Updates

UFT Developer 2021 expands its testability with the support of new technologies and technology updates.

  • New technology updates for Selenium, Java, Oracle, SAP, and Angular
  • New OS updates for Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows 10
  • New browser updates for Chrome, Edge Chromium, Firefox, and Safari
  • New IDE updates for Android Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA
  • New mainframe updates for IBM WebSphere HOD and Micro Focus Reflection Desktop

Learn More

Check out What’s New in UFT Developer 2021 to see the complete list of features and technologies, or browse the full Support Matrix from our Online Help Center.

UFT Developer 2021 is part of the UFT Family, which also includes UFT One and UFT Mobile. Visit our blogs below to find out what’s new in the rest of the UFT Family.

Wrap Up

Download UFT Developer 2021 today from the following locations:

Learn more about UFT Developer at www.microfocus.com/uft-developer.


Functional Testing
  • No doubt with UFT Developer capabilities and features. It has been designed with the concept of Shift-left and accelerates delivery, which means automation tests can be created at the same time the application is being developed. It supports advanced IDEs like Eclipse and Visual studio, which gives you the flexibility to use the same programming languages and the same IDE on which the test application is being built.

    If you are familiar with UFT and want to play around with UFT Developer in order to get acquainted with modern technology, here is a quick start guide and tutorial for beginners.