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LoadRunner Cloud 2022.10 is Available Now!

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Delivery Management

Exciting news! We are pleased to share with you our latest release for the performance engineering community on SaaS, LoadRunner Cloud version 2022.10 is here!

We close the year with a fantastic release for LoadRunner Cloud with continuous delivery of innovative capabilities and many features that were requested by our growing customer base. This release includes extended protocol support, new and enhanced integrations with third-party tools, a complete redesign for analysis modules, and enhanced test operations capabilities. 

This release supports the LoadRunner family 2022 R2 releases. This includes several updates to scripting technologies, such as TruClient support for later versions of TruClient Browser and Chromium, introducing .NET+, a new protocol that supports .NET 6, and enhancing the DevWeb protocol to support access to Microsoft Azure Key Vault. 

A new integration with Gremlin allows you to execute chaos testing scenarios on your services and environments. 

We continue to support our customers’ effort to shift-left their performance testing with new functionality, such as a new API call to retrieve multiple percentile values for transaction response times. We have introduced a new docker container for the streaming agent to automate the agent deployment as part of the CI pipeline. 

A great effort is invested in modernizing and enhancing the LoadRunner Cloud user interface. In this release, the focus was on the Dashboard and Reports. Its user interface was completely redesigned and some new functionalities were added, such as a toggle option to hide SLAs and Anomalies in graphs, edit graph titles, and new icons in the metrics tree. 

Several new capabilities were added to simplify test operations. Load test configuration history is now enabled for all customers providing full visibility into changes made by users to a load test's configuration. Users can then verify whether a test configuration has been applied which may be the cause for unexpected test results. We are also introducing templates for distribution configuration. Users can save templates for locations and network emulations and then easily reuse the same configuration in other tests. 

We had a lot of fun working on this release and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

We are already working on the next release, which includes many new features, functionalities, and integrations that we cannot wait to share! Until next time, please enjoy LoadRunner Cloud 2022.10, and remember, Performance Matters! 

To learn more about all of the new features in LoadRunner Cloud 2022.10, check out the ADM Help What's New page. 

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