Major Release: PPM 10.0 is Now Available

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The PPM 10.0 release is the culmination of the Project and Portfolio Management product strategy for the past 2 years, which focuses on improving portfolio management capabilities, making team and resource management easier than ever, enabling Enterprise Agile through smart connections, improving core elements of PPM like Demand and Time Management, and ensuring the platform and UI are user-friendly and modernized. These efforts have been aligned with the PPM product vision as a Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) tool that acts as the strategic heart of an organization.

A major aspect of this release has been working toward supporting a lower TCO databases (Postgres), which is essential for SPM. With PPM 10.0, Postgres support is now available as a Beta program. This release is also a milestone that marks the completion of significant features for Portfolio and Team management, as well as Dashboards and reporting.

Completion of Portfolio, Teams, and Dashboard Updates

Since moving to a quarterly release cycle, we have been releasing features piece-by-piece. PPM 10.0 being a major release offers the opportunity to examine the cumulative achievements of recent releases as well as the features released in 10.0. Specifically, PPM enables users to:

Strategically manage multiple portfolios

Translate strategic plans into actionable investment strategies that deliver business value to your organization through:

  • Business goals and investment pillars that keep portfolios, programs, and projects aligned across the enterprise, from top to bottom—strategy to execution
  • One central location to easily and quickly fund new initiatives
  • Comprehensive backlog and road mapping tools to plan ahead
  • Create portfolio types and use templates for OKRs, strategic themes, or investment types

Optimize hybrid resources

With the added Teams module in PPM, you can ensure your Agile practice scales across all of your cross-functional teams, and easily monitor resource allocation and capacity before your goals get off track. The Teams features include:

  • Customizable Team Overview Dashboard with all your most important information right at your fingertips—track Team costs, assignment load, number and type of resources, and even strategic themes your team is working on
  • Manage, add, or reassign team members or teams quickly using standard copy and paste functions, or select multiple items by clicking while holding down the shift key
  • Use the Team Roadmap and Team Heatmap features to see what work is coming up and ensure your teams’ capacity and allocation is at the most efficient level

Take advantage of popular frameworks

Setting up a Lean Portfolio structure? PPM has all the tools necessary for your success. Using Strategic Themes and portfolio OKRs for the first time? Our easily configurable and expansive solution can help you track your progress with real-world numbers. Want to try SAFe? PPM not only has SAFe-specific content, Micro Focus is also a Gold Transformation and Platform partner with the Scaled Agile Institute.

New and reconfigured Dashboard and Portal types

We’ve made several key updates to our dashboards and portals, including adding Overview dashboards to the Portfolio, Program, and Teams sections, and making Dashboards available on PPM for Mobile. New dashboarding technology gives you the power to create many different types of graphs and charts to visualize your data. The new self-service portlet lets your users build their own portals on the fly, no code required.

Self-service Portlet Updates in PPM 10.0

We completed several new additions to the Self-service Portlet in PPM 10.0, including the ability to:

  • Save favorite views and switch between visualizations using the drop-down options
  • New “Drill-to” options allow you to have more control over the way users interact with the portal, specifying what information is displayed when certain elements are clicked

Postgres Support (Beta)

For new customers who don’t want to use Oracle for their database, we now offer a Beta option that opens up Postgres as a lower total cost option. At this time, we are offering this Beta option to new customers only, but existing customers who wish to participate can contact their Micro Focus rep to get more information about expanding the Beta group.

Portfolio Financial Summary

New in PPM 10.0, we added the Portfolio Financial summary portal to the Portfolio Dashboard, so you can easily review all the financial information for the selected portfolio in one place without navigating back and forth between the Portfolio and Financial page.

For More Information

See the Help Center for a full description of these new features and additional enhancements.

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