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Meet Performance Engineering Goals with LoadRunner Family [New Video]

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Delivery Management

 By leveraging Micro Focus Performance Engineering, customers can achieve better test accuracy by emulating real-world network conditions and eliminate bottlenecks and dependencies. 

Our new video shows how the LoadRunner family can help you enhance your performance engineering journey through end-to-end performance testing. 

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Performance Engineering with the LoadRunner Family  

With our integrated set of solutions, you can seamlessly test complex load, stress, and performance scenarios. The LoadRunner family includes the following: 

  • LoadRunner Professional – versatile and comprehensive performance engineering for co-located teams
  • LoadRunner Enterprise – collaborative performance engineering platform for globally distributed teams
  • LoadRunner Cloud – cloud-based performance engineering for extreme scale and flexibility
  • LoadRunner Developer – fully integrated with the LoadRunner family and enables shift-left performance testing  

Key Benefits of LoadRunner Family 

  • Deploy high performing applications to exceed customer expectations
  • Reduce time and effort by leveraging unit and functional tests
  • Optimize performance at any point in the DevOps pipeline
  • Better communications and collaboration
  • Shift-left performance testing
  • Shift-right application performance monitoring 

To find additional key benefits, read our Performance Engineering brochure and infographic

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