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Micro Focus Strategic Insights Video Series - Episode 2: Transforming Software Development with Value Stream Management

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Christopher Condo, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Kelly Gundler, ADM Practice Manager at Micro Focus, discuss how value stream management complements an organization’s existing software development tools. 

Even with state-of-the-art Agile and DevOps tools, many organizations struggle to meet their software development goals. We sat down with Christopher Condo, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to learn how an approach called value stream management (VSM) can help. This short video shows how VSM fits into your existing toolchain to create more value for your customers. 

Over two-thirds of organizations struggle to deliver new software releases in less than a quarter. This number includes those with tools that help plan, manage, and automate the software development lifecycle (SDLC). A solid VSM approach can help organizations think differently about their SDLC. The goal of VSM is to pull value through the entire lifecycle, which requires real-time insight into key performance indicators, among other capabilities. 

Aligning key business goals, such as increasing customer retention, with the software organization’s technical efforts can deliver breakthrough results. For example, VSM visibility can identify which items in a development backlog you should prioritize and resource for maximum business impact with minimum waste. 

Check out the video to see how forward-thinking companies are using VSM to:

  • Tie backlog to value realization.
  • Build a shared set of business goals.
  • Measure business impact in real time. 

Finally, you’ll hear about Micro Focus ValueEdge, our new AI-powered VSM platform. This modular, cloud-based solution works with your existing toolchain to deliver real-time insight—from strategy to delivery. 

Bottom line? You maximize value for your customers and cut costs by eliminating waste and focusing on what works. 

Watch the video now for more on VSM and ValueEdge.


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