Modernizing SAP with Scriptless Testing

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Scriptless Testing for SAP Webinar.jpgI recently presented a webinar on “Modernizing SAP with Scriptless Testing,” together with my colleague Thomas Koeppner, a senior technical consultant at Micro Focus, and an expert in SAP testing challenges and solutions.  Here’s a brief run-down of what we spoke about. For the full effect, watch the webinar!


Challenges of Testing SAP Systems

SAP is central to many organizations’ ability to do business. Any change to the SAP system, whether the change is a configuration change, platform change, or environment change, must be thoroughly tested to ensure that the change itself was implemented correctly, and that it has no unintentional consequences.

 It’s a laudable goal, but it takes a lot of time to create tests, and update them when something changes. It also takes a long time to run the tests manually, so most organizations will go down the automation path. However, to create automated tests, you need the technical knowledge necessary to interact programmatically with the application. In the case of SAP and its user interfaces, such as SAP GUI and Fiori, there are unique aspects and attributes, as well as many environments that need to be tested. We often find that Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Business Analysts (BAs) aren’t experts in automation, and on the flip side, automation engineers aren’t experts in the SAP business processes that need to be tested.

 The fact that many tests have the same steps, or contain sub-sections that contain the same steps, and only differ in their data, presents an additional challenge. Testers prefer to reuse tests and parts of tests rather than duplicate them, which increases the amount of maintenance significantly.

 And just running a test is not sufficient to assess quality effectively. There must be a connection from requirements to tests and defects, and the ability to get a complete picture of the application’s quality.

 So how should organizations approach their SAP testing strategy?

Scriptless Testing to the Rescue

Since SAP is all about business processes, testing SAP is all about testing business processes. The most effective way to approach SAP testing is to focus on modelling the business process, rather than scripting it out. We created a framework to help testers create manual or automated tests, by dragging and dropping components using a simple drag-and-drop interface, allowing them to configure the flow of the test, and the data that flows through the test.

 This scriptless approach allows business users to model and create manual or automated tests from reusable components.  This Micro Focus solution is called Business Process Testing (BPT). It uses automation technology from Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and LeanFT, and is integrated with ALM for test and component management, traceability to requirements and defects, and status reporting. It also integrates with Mobile Center for testing on mobile devices. 

BPT.jpg In the webinar, Thomas gives a very clear description of BPT and how to use it, and demonstrates many of the features that can be used to create SAP components, flows, and tests. He also demonstrates how components can be parameterized, to expose input and output parameters that can be linked together, and used to create variations of the flows and tests based on different data configurations.

 BPT also offers you the ability to record a session in SAP, and automatically analyzes the flow through the session, automatically creating components that can be reused in different tests. This takes much of the hard work out of creating tests, and simplifies test maintenance as well as creation. For tests or flows that need customized components, such as accessing SAP programmatically through the BAPI interfaces, or accessing other systems, automation engineers are able to take care of the implementation of the components without the business users needing to get involved in the details. The business users can focus on the flow of the test, while the automation engineers focus on making the automation work.Creating BPT Flow.jpg

 Thomas demonstrates all this, and more, in the webinar.


Businesses need a simple yet effective way to test their SAP systems. Micro Focus Business Process Testing offers scriptless testing, which can automatically ‘learn’ an SAP transaction, and automatically convert it into an easy-to-understand graphical flow, with entry and exit points for data parameters. With BPT, non-technical Subject Matter Experts and Business Analysts can easily create tests with these components and flows, and configure them to execute with different combinations of data, which can also be automatically generated, and managed within Excel.

 Watch the webinar now to find out more about the challenges of SAP testing, and how BPT’s scriptless testing solution provides SMEs and BAs with everything they need for manual and automated SAP testing.

Click here to learn more about BPT.

For tips and best practices for testing SAP systems, read our white paper, Hybrid SAP Applications with Modern Digital Architectures Require New Test Strategies.


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