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New features for you in PPM 10.0.4

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PPM 10.0.4, the exciting new release for Project and Portfolio Management, delivers users an upgraded, comprehensive way to monitor their portfolio strategy and business goals to ensure strategic alignment across their portfolio. While PPM 10.0.4 focuses on the Strategy Map and the Strategy View for portfolios, we also included enhancements in other areas of PPM including UI updates, reporting, user administration, timesheet notifications, and integrations. Check out the most exciting features now available in PPM:

Enhanced Portfolio Strategy View
Tracking the progress of your portfolio’s strategic themes and business goals just became easier. Users can now visualize and monitor the progress of strategic themes, business goals and KPIs of a portfolio within a consolidated view, providing high level information and detailed click through pages. The strategic themes associated with the portfolio are shown with their related business goals nested under each. Users can quickly assess the status of strategic themes and progress of business goals to monitor KPIs and ensure strategic alignment.

Robust Strategy Details
Each Strategic Theme included in the Strategic Themes & Business Goals tab of a portfolio item links to a details section allowing users to review all data corresponding to the specific strategic theme.  Users can:

  • Review the strategic theme’s general information
  • View the percentage of forecasted cost and resource demand of the portfolio utilized by the strategic theme
  • Monitor the progress of associated business goals
  • View a list of items within the current portfolio that contribute to business goals associated with the strategic theme

Comprehensive Business Goals Data
Clicking on an individual business goal provides users with a for a comprehensive view of the status, progress, trend, and other information associated with the selected business goal. The details section displays:

  • General information including the associated strategic theme, target, key dates, status, owner, and description
  • KPI Actuals View representing the actual KPI trends
  • KPI Forecast View, which considers all content withing the portfolio that has corresponding KPI impacts to depicting the forecast KPI trends.
  • List of all linked items within the current portfolio that impact the KPIs

New Strategy Map
The Portfolio Strategy Map presents a horizontal or vertical map of all strategic themes within a portfolio so users can visualize their portfolio’s strategic alignment and the track strategic themes and business goals. The map connects all portfolios contributing to strategic themes, including nested portfolios that inherited the strategic theme, providing a visualization of the strategic alignment of a portfolio at any level. The business goals and KPIs a portfolio contributes to are displayed within each card, users can easily identify strategic themes that do not align with any business goals or KPIs in a portfolio.

User Experience Improvements

  • New notification is available to alert a timesheet approver when a timesheet is being reworked after it has been approved.
  • User management interface enhancements that make it simpler to edit or deactivate users within PPM.
  • Timesheet notes are now available directly on the timesheet approval page, users no longer need to click through to a details page to view notes.
  • PPM now integrates with ServiceNow providing the ability to map attributes and sync items between PPM and ServiceNow.

More Information

Visit PPM page for information about PPM or the Help Center for a full breakdown of all new features and additional enhancements.

We are excited about ValueEdgeTM Strategy, the SPM solution delivered by Micro Focus! ValueEdge Strategy shares a code base with PPM, we expect the Strategy Map features in PPM 10.0.4 to be included in the next ValueEdge Strategy release. Due to the common code base, the PPM release schedule will be changing to quarterly releases in 2023 to align with the ValueEdge release schedule. Check out our ValueEdge page to learn more about Value Stream Management and the ValueEdge Platform.


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