Now Available! Micro Focus ALM Octane 15.0.40 Support Pack

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top-view-photo-of-3-men-in-front-of-laptop-2566581.jpgWe’re excited to announce the availability of ALM Octane 15.0.40 Support Pack – the latest release of our comprehensive DevOps management solution, that supports enterprise application delivery with high-quality criteria, continuous visibility and delivery across your entire application lifecycle. ALM Octane accelerates Agile transformations for high-quality application delivery at enterprise scale while leveraging existing investments.

What’s New?

ALM Octane 15.0.40 Support Pack includes a wide range of new features and enhancements covering analytics and insights, enterprise Agile and requirements, and quality management, most of which were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers.

Primary Features and Benefits

Analytics and Insights 

In our continuous effort to help businesses easily gather, manage, share and track the needs of the business through Agile delivery of applications, ALM Octane 15.0.40 now offers the following new enhancements:

  • *Insight for defect resolution time: New information has been added to the defect resolution time widgets by highlighting resolution time versus reopen rates
  • Also, insight panes can now be pinned to the dashboard can expanded and collapsed
*Defect resolution time

Defect.pngQuality Management

Our main objective is to ensure continuous quality at the speed of Agile and DevOps, so that organizations can seamlessly and quickly deliver their products to market. Quality at the speed of DevOps provides quality checks at each stage of the lifecycle, and allows teams and stakeholders to communicate, collaborate more efficiently and innovate faster. New features include:

  • New import test enhancements from Excel: Users can now use the import test tool to modify existing tests and test suites
  • Defect enhancements: Ability to add an existing defect to a feature
  • Audit script enhancements: The manual and Gherkin test – history tab now highlights the script modification and provides a link to open a comparison view
  • Team City Support: Users can now run automated tests via Team City using the ALM Octane testing framework

DevOps Integration and DevSecOps Support   

To help with exceptional DevOps integration and security experience that you have come to expect from our products, ALM Octane 15.0.40 now offers the following new enhancements:

  • GitLab multibranch support: Implement multibranch functionality for ALM Octane with GitLab.
  • A new issues module replacing the defects module: The issues module now contains tabs for defects and vulnerabilities.
  • *Central place to view and manage vulnerabilities: User can now track and analyze security vulnerabilities discovered in code using Fortify, SonarQube and other static code analysis tools.
*Central location to manage vulnerabilities
central location.png


Enterprise Agile and Requirements

Increased enterprise scalability and flexibility enables your organization to provide high-quality applications continuously. New features include:

  • SAFe – extended program support: Users can now assign programs to one or more releases
  • *Feature Burn graphs: This capability adds additional compliance support with scaled Agile requirements, and by allowing users to view status over time graphs based on features
  • Ability to highlight keywords in the committed file list and commit messages
  • Search by ID: In feature, requirement or application module fields, users can now search for an entity using a numerical value
  • License sharing limitation: ALM Octane license sharing is now available for up to 15% of the total number of your current ALM/QC licenses. For more information, please contact your Micro Focus sales representative
*Feature Burn graph
feature burn.png


Additional Support

  • History Tab: Now highlights detailed information about users who were added or removed from the site and space
  • Disabling user notifications: Enables the administrator to temporarily disable user notifications
  • Synchronizer now supports conversion of backlog items from one subtype to another in Jira
  • ALM Octane now supports Microsoft Edge
  • ALM Octane Jira plugin: Now supports Jira Data Center 8.0.0 to 8.5.1
  • Additional Bamboo support for versions 1.10.2 or later
  • New enhancements to REST APIs. See additional support links listed below.

For More Information

See the Help Center for a full description of these new features and additional enhancements.

Additional Resources

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