[On-Demand Webinar] AI-Based Test Automation: The Revolution Continues…

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We recently conducted a webinar titled, AI-Based Test Automation: The Revolution Continues…and we had a great turnout. Although, the fact that so many were interested in the topic of AI-based test automation wasn’t a surprise—at least not to us.

In fact, I believe the interest in AI-based test automation may best be summarized by this single statistic:

88% of organizations report that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now the strongest growth area within test activities, in their quest for high quality.

*Source: World Quality Report 2020-21 – www.microfocus.com/wqr

I find this stat to be especially enlightening because when it comes down to both the speed and reliability of test automation, clearly many organizations are searching for ways to improve both—and are increasingly looking for AI to lead the way.

By the way, this webinar was a follow-up to our previous webinar, How AI is Revolutionizing Software Test Automation, which also had a fantastic turnout. If you're interested to learn more about that webinar, you can watch the on demand version here, [On-Demand Webinar] How AI is Revolutionizing Software Test Automation. Also, this previous webinar features an in-webinar poll that asked, “What is your greatest challenge with automated testing.” The results of this poll were fascinating, and here’s a hint, ‘pace of change’ was a key player.

But I digress, and back to the webinar at hand, AI-Based Test Automation: The Revolution Continues…

Now before we get too far into the 'how' AI is revolutionizing test automation, we need to start by asking the 'why.' As in, why is there a need for AI to be revolutionizing test automation in the first place?

The answer to the 'why' question I believe can be found in this webinar's poll question: “How are you automating tests across platforms?”

I believe that the results of this poll question, as demonstrated by our audience, are a clue to the pain that many organizations are facing today. Managing test automation across platforms can be a very time-consuming process. At least in the traditional way, where multiple scripts are created and maintained for multiple platforms and browsers.  So the leading answer for this poll question, “Create a single test and then modify it to run on each platform,” now explains the 'why' we mentioned earlier,  and you can find the complete results here:
  AI-Based Test Automation - The Revolution Continues.png

To further illustrate the 'why' and what is most telling about this poll is that a combined two-thirds of the audience expressed having issues with creating and maintaining multiple tests for various platforms. Again, this is a time-consuming process, and this is why I think AI is revolutionizing test automation.

Instead of creating multiple test scripts for multiple platforms, now with Micro Focus AI-based test automation one can create a single test script that will automatically run across multiple  platforms, devices, and browsers.

Also, if you're interested to see how Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) combine with computer vision and an artificial neural network to provide advanced object recognition that boosts test coverage and increases test asset resiliency, then this webinar is for you. 

Lastly, if you're interested to learn about the benefits of incorporating AI into your test automation, then you'll be especially interested to learn how AI-based testing cab dramatically reduce test creation and maintenance while enabling you to deliver high-quality experiences across platforms, devices, and browsers.

So if all of this sounds interesting, and you'd like to learn more about the role AI is now playing in test automation and the benefits you can receive today,  then you’re going to love this webinar.

AI-Based Test Automation: The Revolution Continues…

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