Released: Service Virtualization 5.2!

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Service Virtualization Topology Diagram.PNGMicro Focus proudly announces: Service Virtualization 5.2 is released! This release introduces numerous improvements to SV product capabilities. The main enhancements include: general availability of mobile testing with simulation by SV embedded directly into UFT Mobile with included simulation capacity, numerous enhancements for SV Lab, improvements to Virtual Service authoring, security, usability and protocols with the new addition of the CICS Transaction Gateway protocol.

Mobile Testing Enhancements

The Service Virtualization (SV) 5.2 release introduces the general availability of mobile testing with simulation by SV embedded directly into UFT Mobile.

  • Mobile enabled “Discover, Learn, Simulate embedded UI”
  • Virtual Service authoring directly in UFT Developer and Silk4J
  • Improved mobile virtualization agent
  • Android 10 support
  • New product demo showcasing the usage of simulation in the testing of a weather forecast mobile application

Simulation, Design, and Protocols Enhancements

  • Validation of data model against a real service
  • Scripting enhancements: creation of message structures, class type sharing, code completion for new C# constructs
  • Added response time to each logged message, new icons
  • Usability: response time to VS info page, expanded clipboard
  • XML Updates: nested XML payloads, non-XML header/footer
  • CICS Transaction Gateway1

SV Lab Enhancements

  • SV Lab Run Log viewer plugin to IDE enabling graphical visualization of SV Lab messages as they are learned and simulated
  • Improved run log display on client console
  • Improved incremental, background, and repeated learning
  • Improved SOAP and REST protocol learning and simulation

 Additional SV 5.2 Enhancements

  • New performance metrics API for SV Server on Linux 
  • Updated .NET runtimes to v4.8 and .NET Core v3.0
  • Updated localization of the SV Designer and SV Management user interface to French
  • Security Improvements: Introduced numerous security enhancements to SV and SV Lab Servers, including a public/private key authentication option for the SFTP protocol and enabled SV Management custom SSO integration by adding SAMLv2 authentication into SV Management
1Early Access Program (EAP)

For an in-depth look at What’s New in Service Virtualization 5.2, please visit the Service Virtualization Help Center.


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