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Top Enhancements of Silk Test 21.0

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Silk Test 21.0 introduces significant enhancements which heralds a new era of shift-left functional testing. 

Top Enhancements of Silk Test 21.0

  1.  Image Verification with Cross-Platform Reporting
    Verifications are a key aspect of functional testing, and now Silk Test can verify all available properties of an object - like a human being would - to visually compare parts of an application. To more easily spot what has changed in the application and is causing an image verification to fail, Silk Test 21.0 now include an image difference viewer in a cross-platform result.

  2. Automatic Browser Support
    Because browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Opera see constant and frequent updates, it's critical to provide browser testing support in a short time frame without the hassle of having to manually update Silk Test for the whole test environment. Silk Test 21.0 now automatically downloads all WebDriver files necessary to support a new browser version. For customers that are in a locked environment, those files can also be managed within an internal file location.

  3. AutoPass Licensing
    In addition to the Silk Meter license server, Silk Test 21.0 supports the AutoPass license server.

  4. Usability Enhancements
    • Silk Test Classic now offers the possibility to set a custom location for the Status Window. The location can now be configured for a maximum of five resolutions from which Silk Test Classic will choose and if none apply then the default one will be used.
    • For .NET tests, the Silk Test Workbench debugger can now expose global objects (objects declared at the module level).

  5. Technology Updates
    • Silk Test now supports Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) 81 to 86.
    • Silk Test now supports Google Chrome 79-86.
    • Silk Test now supports Opera 71.
    • Silk Test now supports Safari 14.
    • Silk Test now supports Mozilla Firefox 70-82.
    • Silk Test now supports Java 14.
    • Silk Test now supports SAPGUI client 7.60.
    • Silk Test now supports iOS 14 and Android 11.

More information

  • For more information on all new features of Silk Test 21.0, you can also refer to the Online Help.
  • Another valuable source of information: the Silk Test 21.0 Release Notes.


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