Running Your ALM Client Without Internet Explorer

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Delivery Management

Starting June 15, 2022, Microsoft will end the support for Internet Explorer (IE) on certain operating systems. Since the ALM/Quality Center client traditionally runs on IE, you may wonder how its retirement will impact you. 

To help you prepare, I’ve put together this list of recommendations:

Complete Replacement

Our recommended replacement is ALM Client Launcher, a Windows app that runs the ALM Desktop Client in place of Internet Explorer, preserving all functionality including Lab Management and Site Administration. It removes the dependency on IE and Active X technology, and greatly reduces administration overhead. Its Windows installer enables IT departments to deploy for all users, or for individual users to install for themselves.

You need ALM/Quality Center 12.60 or later to use ALM Client Launcher. Since 12.60 will end committed support on August 31, 2022, we recommend updating your ALM/Quality Center server to the latest product version to avoid the IE dependency. 

The Micro Focus product support lifecycle shows which versions of our products are supported. Visit this lookbook for information and resources on ALM/Quality Center upgrade.

Modern Lightweight Clients

For a different option, you can choose one of our lightweight clients. They feature modern user interfaces and run on any browser or common tablet devices.

Web Runner

This pure web-based client comes with test authoring, manual and automated test execution, defect management, and dashboard view functions. It works with any browser—including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge—and runs on any PC or tablet with a browser.

Quality of Things (QoT)

Run this ALM client on Android, iOS, or Windows tablets. Its offline testing capability is valuable for manual testing in places where there is not ALM server connectivity.

Using Microsoft Edge IE Mode

According to Microsoft, IE mode in Microsoft Edge enables backward compatibility and will be supported through at least 2029. As long as Microsoft supports it, the ALM Desktop Client can run in IE mode.

For more info, refer to the Microsoft Getting Started Guide on Microsoft Edge + Internet Explorer mode. Micro Focus also provides a knowledge base article with instructions on how to access ALM from the Edge browser with IE mode.

How About Site Administration?

Site administrators have two options: ALM Client Launcher and Web-Based Site Administration. Either option allows accessing full admin functionality, so IE retirement will not affect you.

What Will Happen to ALM Explorer and ALM App-V Package?

Micro Focus will support them as long as the vendors support the technologies they depend on. However, we strongly recommend that you switch to ALM Client Launcher because of its advantages over these options.

Prepare to Switch

The end of support for IE is approaching fast. It’s time to switch to the new ALM/Quality Center clients and upgrade your ALM server to work with them. Keep these key dates in mind as you get ready:

  • June 15, 2022—IE end of support.
  • August 31, 2022—ALM/Quality Center 12.6x end of committed support.

I hope you find these recommendations useful. For more details, visit the ALM/Quality Center Clients FAQ. Need assistance? chat with technical support or reach out to our community for help.


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