SMC Journal Podcast: LoadRunner Professional and Gremlin for Chaos Testing

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Delivery Management

Join us in hearing how LoadRunner Professional and Gremlin work together! Gremlin is a chaos engineering vendor who specializes in ensuring their customers can prevent costly and reputation-damaging outages. Its failure-as-a-service platform empowers engineers to build more resilient systems through safe experimentation.

In this podcast, listen as David McLeish, Product Manager for Micro Focus ADM Performance Engineering, speaks on the recent integration of Chaos Engineering within the LoadRunner Professional solution. Some highlights from this podcast include:

  • What is Chaos Engineering and how it is being used in Performance testing.
  • How to prepare for risk events before they hit production.
  • How Chaos Engineering helps with resiliency in your system.
  • Preparing for end user experience.
  • How to install the Gremlin agent and what to do after it is installed.
  • Why this partnership?
  • Brief demo.

By utilizing LoadRunner Professional, performance load testing is simplified for co-located teams. With project-based capabilities, performance teams can quickly identify abnormal application behavior. For the FREE Community edition, click here.

Learn more about the LoadRunner Professional and Gremlin partnership by watching our recent BrightTALK webinar, Resiliency and Performance Engineering!

Need more training? Visit the Gremlin Bootcamp page and explore options for Chaos Engineering hands-on workshops.

See SMC Journal for more podcasts on all things performance engineering!

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