StormRunner Load version 3.7 – Enhances performance testing for Agile and DevOps teams

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StormRunnerLoad version 37 performance testing.pngThe Micro Focus Performance testing team is pleased to introduce the newest version of our cloud-based performance testing solution - StormRunner Load version 3.7. In this release we have included several new features to enhance performance testing methodologies, new public API operations, new analysis capabilities and enhanced Git integration. 

  • Goal oriented run mode for load tests - configure a goal for a load test, so that the load test runs until a configured threshold (hits per second or transactions per second) is reached
  • Enhanced support for advanced scheduling
    • Copy advanced scheduling between scripts
    • Configure advanced scheduling for scripts that run on on-premises load generators
  • Simply OPLG deployment – whitelist SRL sub-domain address dedicated to your tenant to allow outbound connectivity from OPLGs to SRL control component, eliminating the need to configure and maintain specific IP addresses
  • New public API operations – operations have been added that enable you to
    • Get a list of active runs
    • Get an HTTP Responses summary for a given test run
    • Get the enabled schedules for a specific load test
    • Schedule a test run at a given time
    • Delete a schedule of a specific load test
    • Delete an on-premises load generator
  • Additional runtime settings - runtime settings have been added that enable you to download filters and step download timeout
  • Display GIT repository information for scripts - when viewing a script uploaded from a Git repository in Assets, additional information about the relevant repository and branch is now displayed. You can also view details of the commit history.
  • New analysis module enhancements:
    • Metrics for individual error and HTTP codes are now included in the metrics tree of the new dashboard
    • Load generator alerts are now included in the notifications area of the new dashboard and can be added to the dashboard as a table
    • The number of script errors encountered during a load test that could not be sent to Splunk is now included in the notifications area of the new dashboard
    • An option has been added to the new dashboard that enables you to dynamically increase or decrease the number of running Vusers while a test is running


To see all the new features in StormRunner Load 3.7, check out the What’s New page.

If you want to try out StormRunner Load for yourself, you can give it a go by signing up for the free, 30-day trial.


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