Top 10 New Features in UFT One 15.0.2

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We are proud to announce the release of Micro Focus UFT One 15.0.2!

This version provides enhancements for faster and smarter testing, thereby helping testers reduce test creation and execution time, boost test coverage, increase the resiliency of testing assets, and cut down on test maintenance efforts.

But, don’t take our word for it. Check out 10 new high-value things about this release.

1. AI-based testing enhancements

UFT One's newly introduced AI-based testing continues to revolutionize and intelligently-power the way humans test. The latest enhancements within UFT One 15.0.2 offer the ability to:

  • Record AI test steps
  • Learn AI objects on application mockups and prepare your AI-based tests before your application is developed
  • Run your existing tests with the "AI Transformation Assistant" enabled to get suggestions for changing technology-based test steps to AI-based test steps
  • Automatically scroll to find objects
  • Create checkpoints to specify the test conditions your application must meet
  • Provide an image file as a class description to support a control that UFT One AI does not recognize
  • Install UFT One’s AI features directly through the Installation Wizard
  • Save your feedback locally and send it to Micro Focus later if an internet connection isn’t available
  • Perform operations on “AIText” objects and on additional control types

These AI-based testing enhancements enable teams using UFT One to accelerate the creation of automation assets and reduce the maintenance effort required to match the pace of application changes.

2. New spy

UFT One’s new spy, known as the Object Identification Center (OIC), is a visually-intuitive tool for designing tests with greater flexibility and ultramodern functionality. It supports the same feature-functionality that original Object Spy does, but introduces a number of new capabilities that allow you to:

  • Spy on multiple objects
  • Add multiple objects to your test or to object repositories
  • Modify the test object's description properties to customize the object's identification
  • Add objects to external object repositories that are not associated to the current test


While the OIC is available as a technical preview in this version, it is now the default spying tool. However, you can still use the original Object Spy tool if you prefer.

3. Performance acceleration

Kick UFT One into high gear and watch your tests reach speeds up to 3X faster!

Performance speeds have been improved to accelerate test processes and reduce test times. This includes:

  • Web: Accelerated web-based testing on Chrome, Chromium Edge, and Firefox (technical preview)
  • Insight Recording: Higher-degree of accuracy, speed, and ease of use for object identification
  • Standard Windows: Improved speeds for testing standard Windows-based objects
  • Business Process Testing (BPT): Dramatically reduce test execution times when compared to previous BPT versions

 Again, don’t take our word for it. Download UFT One 15.0.2 and see the results for yourself.

4. Parallel execution for API testing

Fire your API tests on all cylinders by running multiple tests simultaneously!

In UFT One 15.0.2, you can now use the ParallelRunner CLI tool to run up to four API tests in parallel. If the API test calls a GUI test, these run as well.

We also made testing in this arena more flexible. For example: when a GUI test that is run by ParallelRunner calls an API test, the API test will run. The results of the API test are displayed together with the rest of the parallel run results.

5. Mobile testing enhancements

In combination with the UFT Mobile 3.5 release, UFT One 15.0.2 introduces enhancements designed to streamline processes and increase testing efficiencies for mobile testing. Enhancements include:

  • Recording and running tests on Android and iOS apps built using Google Flutter SDK
  • Adding device time to the HTML report
  • Tracking and reporting on additional device metrics—WiFi signal strength, thermal state, and available disk space
  • Specifying “Fleet Type” in Record & Run Settings when selecting an AWS source
  • Spying or highlighting on zoomed web pages—Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, iOS UFTM Browser, and iOS Safari

6. Technology improvements

UFT One 15.0.2 improves its testability and ease-of-use with a number of new enhancements for targeted areas, including (but not limited to) the following technologies:

Core technologies

  • Use the new “JavaTable.GetCellRangeData” method to retrieve the values contained in a specific area of a Java table
  • Support scroll bar controls in JavaFX applications
  • Leverage the “CloseTab” method for JavaFX tab controls

SAP technologies

  • New objects for testing web-based SAP applications in a Chrome browser
  • Full support for testing SAPUI5 test objects using Chromium-based Edge

Web/Browser-based technologies

  • Spy or highlight on zoomed web pages: Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox
  • Support for automatic page checkpoints on Firefox or Chrome browsers
  • Use low-level recording mode when recording on Firefox browsers

7. Text-based test objects

Text-based test objects are now fully supported in this version, providing the ability to:

  • Add Text-based test objects to your object repository
  • Record steps on Text-based test objects
  • Create “text and text area checkpoints” and “output values” on Text-based test objects
  • Uniquely describe Text-based test objects using ordinal identifiers such as location, index, and VRI
  • Use common methods such as “Highlight”, “GetTOProperty”, and “GetROProperty”

8. Modern look and feel

UFT One 15.0.2 adds more to its fresh new look, including cosmetic and aesthetic UI-based updates that emphasize UFT One’s ease-of-use.

The default theme has undergone a number of UI design updates, including a new splash screen, Add-in manager, Keyword View, and Object Repository.

For UFT One’s Dark Theme, enhancements were made to the:

  • Add-in manager
  • Start page
  • Keyword View
  • Object Repository editors
  • Run results HTML report


9. Continuous Testing updates

UFT One 15.0.2 improves its long-standing support for continuous testing with new capabilities for CI/CD and version control.

CI/CD plugin enhancements

UFT One 15.0.2 provides the following updates when working with CI/CD servers.

  • Jenkins: You can now define ALM credentials globally in your Jenkins server instead of defining them separately in each job. In addition, the Jenkins plugin options for rerunning failed tests have been redesigned for clarity.
  • Azure DevOps: When running UFT One tests on an Azure DevOps Server, you can now view the test run results in detail within the Azure DevOps Server UI.
  • Bamboo: You can now pass input parameters to UFT One tests when you run them from a Bamboo server.

Version control support

UFT One 15.0.2 provides the following enhancements when using version control.

  • Object Repositories: Merge and resolve object repository conflicts using the Asset Comparison Tool.
  • Function Libraries: Function libraries saved as .qfl or .txt files are now saved in UTF-8 encoding, enabling you to compare, merge, and manage them in Git.

10. Support matrix

UFT One is hailed by industry analysts for its support of diverse technology stacks. As expected, this release includes 30 newly supported technologies and versions.

Core technologies

  • Attachmate Extra! 9.5
  • Delphi 10.4 Sydney
  • DevExpress 20.1
  • IBM i Access Client
  • Java 14
  • Java 15.0.1
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • OpenJDK 11
  • OpenJDK 14

SAP technologies

  • SAP Fiori 1.78
  • SAP GUI 760 Patch 7
  • SAP NWBC Client 7.0 Patches 12 and 13
  • SAP Web Dynpro ASAP (WDA) 7.54
  • SAP S/4HANA 1909
  • SAP S4CRM 204

Web/Browser technologies

  • Dojo 1.16
  • Chrome 83-86
  • Chromium Edge 84-86
  • Firefox 76
  • Firefox 78
  • Firefox ESR 78-82
  • Safari 14

Other technologies

  • Autopass 11.6.1
  • Eclipse 4.14
  • Eclipse 4.15
  • Windows 10 2004 Update

Learn more

Check out “What’s New” in UFT One 15.0.2 to see the complete list of features and technologies, or browse the full Product Availability Matrix from our Online Help Center.

Wrap up

While this blog covers a subset of our functionality, more details about this release will be covered in upcoming blogs.

Download UFT One today from the following locations:

Downloads are available in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

To learn more about UFT One, visit us at: | Twitter | LinkedIn


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