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Top Five New Features in ALM Octane 16.0.100

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Top Five New Features in ALM Octane 16.0.100

New Release for Analytics-Focused, End-to-End Visibility and Continuous Quality

ALM Octane 16.0.100 - From planning and release management to continuous integration and test automation, the new ALM Octane 16.0.100 release includes features and enhancements that provide insight, traceability, analytics-focused end-to-end visibility, and continuous quality.

While this new release continues to help organizations with a focus on modern methods, it is still process-agnostic. Meaning ALM Octane is flexible enough to support transformations from iterative approaches to agile—and even hybrid methodologies—along with DevOps practices.

For the complete list of new features, please visit What's new in 16.0.100

1. Unify and Calibrate Testing Efforts

Testing can often become one of the most unanticipated delays to rapid software delivery. This release continues to help organizations quickly gauge overall testing quality, providing real-time visibility and analysis across all teams.

  • Test run burndown
  • Export widget graph to Excel
  • Share dashboards externally [Tech Preview]
  • Edit manual test steps during a run

2. Embed Quality within Release Processes

Essential to consistently releasing high-quality software and preventing bad code from reaching production, organizations require solid governance capabilities that prioritize quality at every stage. This release further ensures quality is prioritized and understood at every stage of software delivery. 

  • Release process timeline

3. Scaled for the Global Enterprise

Global enterprises must support multiple apps across geographies—including software in different languages. This release provides additional enterprise-grade support for multiple UI languages. 

  • Brazilian Portuguese joins ALM Octane’s seven additional UI languages

4. Information at Your Fingertips

Geographically dispersed teams working with various tools often means that data and processes are difficult to observe. ALM Octane consolidates this information, providing a clear picture of what work is being done and when it will be completed. This release builds upon these capabilities by ensuring work is made visible with embedded dashboarding and insight capabilities. This allows enterprises to leverage the vast amount of data generated during application delivery by connecting the dots across disparate toolchains. 

  • Quickly access a field's history from the grid
  • Hover over a user's avatar to see the user's contact details
  • Click any cell in a widget’s tabular view to drill down to its items
  • Preview additional file types in ALM Octane, including Word, Excel, and PDF
  • Page through search results by clicking the navigation arrows in the result’s document view
  • Display custom field descriptions as tooltips


5. Did you know?

Did you know that as an ALM Octane user you can now help to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of the features you use the most in ALM Octane? A voluntary feedback process securely and anonymously collects information about software and hardware configuration from all users of an ALM Octane installation, which will help ALM Octane provide the best user experience possible. Note: names, addresses, and other personally identifiable information will not be collected.

Check out What's new in 16.0.100 to learn more or watch the What's New video: What's New in ALM Octane 16.0.100



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