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Top New Features in ALM Octane 16.1.100

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Delivery Management

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Micro Focus ALM Octane!

ALM Octane 16.1.100 optimizes value across DevOps pipelines, enhancing the delivery, visibility, and quality of your work with ultra-efficiency. This release includes new features and enhancements for continuous quality, helping users boost productivity, drive agility, reduce risk, and go to market faster.

But don’t take our word for it. Keep reading to find out what’s new in this ALM Octane release.

1. Value Stream Management

ValueEdge Strategy*

Connect your corporate strategy with actionable Agile initiatives. For details on ValueEdge Strategy, check out the new Portfolio and Strategy Help Center.

VSM Dashboard Template*

New template includes widgets with a recommended set of KPIs that reflect the current value stream management status.

Flow Time Trends*

Track flow time average across releases.

Jira Cloud Plugin*

Provides Jira users with test coverage information directly on native Jira epics, stories, issues, or custom types.

2. Agile and Quality

Assign Teams to Programs

Measure team’s velocity per program investment by assigning teams to programs.

Editable Release Types

Let's teams adjust the names of releases to fit their methodology.

Test Run Burndown Enhancements

Now enables users to define executed phases.

Testing Enhancement

Add attachments to suite runs.

3. Reporting

Dashboard Global Filters

Set a global filter for the dashboard using the Release, Sprint, Milestone, and Date Range fields.

Export Dashboard to HTML

Export a static HTML version of the dashboard and use it as a baseline or for auditing purposes.

Waste Time Tracking

Waste time tracking for backlog items is now extended to stories and defects.

Export to Excel Enhancements

Exporting a grid to Excel now includes the grid's related entity fields.

4. Pipelines and Integrations

Azure DevOps Enhancements

Multi-branch jobs now supported for Azure DevOps Services, as well as support for parameters in Azure DevOps pipelines.

GitLab Enhancements

Run automated tests on demand from the test framework using the GitLab plugin.

Technology Enhancements

Visual Studio IDE plugin support for Visual Studio 2022 is now available, in addition to JDK 11 support for Jira on-prem and Eclipse IDE plugins.

5. Enterprise Readiness and Administration

Custom Post-login Message

Set a custom message that is displayed to users the next time they log in to ALM Octane.

Auto Populate Fields

Auto populate fields based on multi-value reference fields using business rules.

More Searchable Fields

Configure “Long string” and “Memo” type user-defined fields to be searchable.

6. Release Processes

Preview Pane

Now available in the Process Flow grid for easier access to comments and quality gate evaluations.

Release Process Widgets

Create custom widgets to report on release process items. 

Auto Action Enhancements

New auto actions start Deployment Automation application processes from ALM Octane, run Bamboo jobs and TeamCity jobs. Auto actions now also send emails and add comments to features and backlog items.

Learn More

For the complete list of new features, please see What's New in ALM Octane 16.1.100 or watch our What’s New video on YouTube.

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Don't Forget

* Available in ValueEdge only. ALM Octane Enterprise customers on SaaS are part of the ValueEdge platform. For more details, see introducing ValueEdge or get started with ValueEdge today!


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