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ValueEdge Adds Major New Modules

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Delivery Management

 I’m pleased to announce that ValueEdge Release 2022.R1 is generally available.  This major release represents the fulfillment of our initial ValueEdge launch that occurred in March, and tees up a very strong 2023, during which we will execute on a continuing strong roadmap for the platform. 

But let’s focus now on ValueEdge in 2022. We launched this AI-powered platform for Value Stream Management (VSM) in March, including its cloud-native platform, VSM dashboard and several Acceleration Modules for various work areas across a digital value stream. We also announced then that more Acceleration Modules would be released this year, and now they have been. 

The newly released Acceleration Modules are ValueEdge Strategy, Functional Test and Performance. They join the original set of Acceleration Modules that included ValueEdge Agile, Quality and Release. Each works with the ValueEdge Insights dashboard and the ValueEdge platform services. Together, these Acceleration Modules provide the complete set of tooling necessary to maximize value across a Digital Value Stream, and yet are designed for incremental adoption. Thus, you can adopt one, two or three and stop there, or subscribe to additional modules as warranted. 

Let’s touch on each of the new Acceleration Modules. 

  • ValueEdge Strategy is used for strategic portfolio planning, strategic portfolio management (SPM) and scenario planning. It represents the head-end of a digital value stream.
  • ValueEdge Functional Test builds on the heritage of the legendary UFT to automate all your functional testing. It uses AI and model-based-testing to dramatically drive down testing labor, even as it drives up test coverage, and much more. In short ValueEdge Functional Test delivers maximum quality, a necessary virtue for successful VSM.
  • ValueEdge Performance builds on the unparalleled legacy of LoadRunner for powering performance engineering. This includes easy scalability of virtual sessions, so important for performance engineering and now so easy to access via the cloud-based ValueEdge Performance. 

The new Acceleration Modules work alongside ValueEdge Agile (scrum and backlog management, and so much more), ValueEdge Quality (management and analysis of both manual and automated testing), and ValueEdge Release (management of the smooth flow of code from development to production). All work with ValueEdge Insights, the VSM dashboard that tracks flow, waste, cost and much more across the digital value stream.

We are heartened by the terrific reception that ValueEdge has received since its launch earlier in the year, including the 100+ customers who are now using it. Their success is a particular fixation for us, as their ability to maximize value is the ultimate mark of success for us as their VSM platform partner. 

For additional details on the new modules, please visit ADM Help


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