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Micro Focus  is delighted to announce the new release of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and QC (QualityCenter), version 12.55.  This release of ALM 12.55 focuses on adding value to end users—as well as to the admins of ALM. Join me as I dive into this latest release and the enhancements that benefit you.

Are you Agile? Waterfall? Water-Scrum-Fall?

We know (and we love the fact) that some of your software projects have been moved to an Agile development, or that’s where you are probably in the process of heading. However, we realize that a large part of software projects are still—and will probably stay—very much non-agile. (Meaning utilizing traditional or “Waterfall methodology” based processes.) A recent survey amongst ALM customers shows that:

  • Around 44 percent of ALM/QC users are using Waterfall or leaning towards Waterfall
  • Another 30 percent are using a Hybrid approach where part of their projects are Agile and part are Waterfall

What do these results mean?  We believe that while the trend for software Lifecycle Management is very clearly going Agile, it is still a journey for most of us. Most ALM users have a mix of projects and methodologies—which requires a hybrid approach to tackle them. Because of this we continue to develop and enhance our ALM Suite to best support the variety of needs companies are facing today:

  • Use ALM Octane to best mange your Agile projects
  • Use ALM/QualityCenter (.NET) to best manage all your other projects

Both solutions come as part of the ALM Suite and both are here to serve you with your current and your changing/future needs.

ALM QC 12.55 – More value, no upgrade!

With the latest release of ALM 12.55 we have focused on adding value to end users as well as to the admins of ALM. We are also providing more power with the various add-ons and complementary tools that are connecting to ALM. Here are some of the new features you can utilize with ALM 12.55:

ALM Test Board - Control and run your tests from a single location

The new Test Board tab enables you to get a full aggregated view of all Test Instances available in a selected Test Lab folder, including its child folders. You can then select, filter and group the Test Instances and run them from this tab.

As an example, a tester can get an aggregation of all tests assigned to him/her on Cycle-1 which will present an aggregation of all tests under Cycle-1 assigned to the tester.  The engineer will then be able to click the Run button and execute all manual tests assigned to him/her directly from Test Board.ALM Test Board.PNG

Any filter can be applied on the aggregated data; so while “climbing” up the tree – more Test Instances will be presented. In turn, those can be filtered, grouped or sorted. As another example: consider the testing team manager who wants to view test assignments that are planned for the next release, and group those per testers in the team. This allows the testing team’s manager to easily determine if current balancing between individuals is okay or if some rebalancing needs to occur.ALM Aggregated by release.png


Accelerate team collaboration using Microsoft Skype for Business

Who else is on the Defect? Who is the owner of the test? Are they available to chat right now?

Does this sound familiar? With this version of ALM, the enterprise-popular MS Skype for Business becomes an integral part of your team’s collaboration.

Now you can see who is online, start a 1:1 or a group chat with the other stakeholders and make sure everyone is aligned and connected.Defect details.PNG


Export LARGE project files (QCP) QCP.PNG

A .qcp file is an ALM project export format containing both the project’s data and its entire repository.

Until now the ALM Site Admin could export only up to 4GB files. Starting with this version we removed this limitation and now you can export projects of any size.

This capability is useful to move projects between servers (currently only imports from the same version are supported), to store a snapshot of a project’s state or to park a project for archiving.


ALM is now certified for installation on AWS

We have certified the installation of the ALM server on the AWS platform including some major services such as RDS (for Oracle and MS-SQL), EFS and others!

Other popular platforms that are certified include:

Windows Server 2016 and MS-SQL Server 2016.

Share license with ALM Octane

Are you already using or evaluating ALM Octane? That’s great!

Starting with this version (ALM Octane 12.55 CP4 with ALM 12.55 or 12.21 patch 5), you can allocate licenses from ALM to ALM Octane. Within ALM Octane these licenses provide you with Enterprise edition features.

After allocating licenses you can change the allocation dynamically. If you see you need more licenses in ALM Octane, you can allocate more from ALM. If you need fewer ALM Octane users you can reduce the number of licenses allocated.

License sharing is only available from the ALM License edition, and is only supported for concurrent licenses.

Contact your sales representative for more details on licensing.

Workflow news

In addition to the ActiveTreeSelection object presented in ALM 12.53, we have added the           workflow object to get a list of the currently selected tree entities from the more than one tree. These entities can appear within the same module. For example, get selected items on both the TestSets tree the TestInstances grid.

See Workflow documentation at the admin guide for more information on this capability.

ALM is not coming alone! Here is the latest in ALM’s complementary tools! ALM Synchronizer 12.55

ALM Synchronizer v.12.55 now supports synchronization with:

  • Jira 7.4.1
  • TFS 2017

That’s in addition to recently-announced environments:

  • Jira 7.3.3
  • RTC 6

QoT Client for ALM Manual Testing 1.3

With the emerging industries of IoT, Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management is raising the bar again, by providing a whole new way to manage quality: Quality of Things (QoT), a new test execution client, a part of the Micro Focus ALM product.

 Add defect to step.PNGThe ALM QoT client is available on Windows and Android

With ALM QoT you can:

  • Run Manual Tests online while connected to ALM or download tests for an offline execution
  • Run Manual Tests offline on environments where network connectivity is limited and upload results when reconnected
  • Experience an intuitive and simple user interface
  • Run tests on various Android mobile devices or Windows computers without needing to download the ALM client


What’s new in QoT 1.3?

  • Capture images by device camera (Android)
  • Display Images in Memo fields
  • Supporting Windows 10 and Android 6.0
  • Parallel download / upload
  • Link to existing defect


ALM Global Search 12.55ALM global search target cycle.png

ALM Global Search is a powerful search engine enabling you to search across all modules—or even a specific ALM module. In a natural language search, ALM Global Search gives you quick results in a “Google” style, including a lot of relevant information per the results and links to the relevant entities in ALM.

If you have not yet used ALM Global Search – this is your chance to download and install it. The Global Search is so powerful in finding what you just need, and it is free!


Coming with ALM Global Search 12.55:ALM Keyword search.png

  • Filter results by multiple fields
  • Hierarchical fields: suggested values in a tree structure
  • “Did you mean?” suggestions


ALM e-Signature - QuickStart ProjectALM esignature.png


Meet the regulatory compliance for Defect management with electronic signature capabilities for Micro Focus ALM/QC.

Experience significant reduction in time and costs associated with managing a paper-based process

A FREE QuickStart project for Defect governance.

Download the project from Marketplace.

Entire solution and other modules are provided by Micro Focus Software Services


ALM 14 – Single Sign On – Available on SaaS

ALM 14 is already available on SaaS and provides Single Sign on (SSO) capabilities for managing federated authentication.

With ALM 14 SaaS your company's IdP (Identity Provider) can manage authentication for ALM if you are using a PingFederate* IdP with username/password authentication. With this capability you may:

  • Access ALM using corporate credentials
  • Control authentication requirements at the corporate level
  • Simplify user management: Update user details in your corporate domain

Submit a ticket for Micro Focus SaaS Support to check support for certain IdP’s and set up a federated account.

* More IdP’s to be supported in future releases to SaaS


ALM/QC is HERE and the journey continues!

That was a long read… That’s true! If you want addtional information on this release, I encourage you to watch this on-demand webinar where our team highlights the enhancements.

We are keeping our customers and users in mind and we keep investing in new functionality, integrations, complementary applications and innovation in ALM. We strive to make sure the product you own is always getting better for you.

Whether you are an ALM Admin or an end user, there is always something new for you in ALM.

ALM is here and will keep serving your business.

We’re delighted to introduce ALM/QualityCenter 12.55!

 Watch the webinar including live demo of the new featuresWhat’s New in ALM – Enhancing your team’s efforts to deliver amazing Apps


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