What's new in LoadRunner Enterprise 2020

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The Micro Focus Performance Testing team is thrilled to announce our latest release to the line up, LoadRunner Enterprise 2020. But before we get into the juicy details, let me introduce you to the LoadRunner Family. 

The Micro Focus LoadRunner Family provides an industry leading, comprehensive portfolio of continuous load, stress and performance testing. Based on smart analytics and real-time insights, using real-world simulations, and integrating with open source and third-party tools, LoadRunner solutions deliver the application efficiency, endurance, and stability required to achieve quality and speed on an enterprise scale.

The new LoadRunner Family is comprised of three newly renamed Micro Focus products:

  • LoadRunner Professional. Formerly known as LoadRunner, LoadRunner Professional provides an on-premises solution for application performance and load testing that identifies the most likely cause of performance issues.
  • LoadRunner Enterprise. Previously called Performance Center, LoadRunner Enterprise provides increased efficiency and reduced cost through collaborative performance load testing.
  • LoadRunner Cloud. Formerly known as StormRunner Load, LoadRunner Cloud provides a scalable cloud-based mobile app, and website load-testing resources.

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In previous blog posts, I mentioned that the 12.6x releases laid out the groundwork for what we wanted to do for this release. LoadRunner Enterprise is rearchitected and will allow us to push the boundaries even more in this new platform. I can't tell you how much time and effort the team put into this. We are really excited about what this release brings to the market and even more for our future releases. Here's what to expect as part of LoadRunner Enterprise 2020: 


Highlights of 2020:

LoadRunner Enterprise (LRE) no longer uses the ALM Server. All admin tasks are now performed in LRE Administration. SSO authentication is now supported.

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We added support for elastic provisioning and deprovisioning of load generator resources on the cloud. Also, as part of this release, we integrated LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Cloud (tech preview). 

As part of this release, we also changed how we handle Enhancement Requests. LoadRunner Enterprise is now part of the ADM Idea Exchange. You can check out ideas other users have suggested, contribute your own and vote. To learn more, check out this blog post.

The LRE team is planning to run webinars in January 2020 called The LoadRunner Enterprise 2020 Administration Workshop. These will be live sessions of our engineering team focusing on installation, configuration and migrations of Performance Center to LoadRunner Enterprise. It will also give you a chance to get exposed to LRE 2020 and ask questions. If interested, send an email to LRE_hands_on2@microfocus.com to register and someone from our team will get the sessions scheduled. 

I encourage you to check out our details on this release in the details below. 

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