Why do I receive "Overlapped I/O operation is in progress" error message when attempting to stop CaliberRM Server?

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Why do I receive "Overlapped I/O operation is in progress" error message when attempting to stop CaliberRM Server?



Whenever attempting to run the command "dbmgr -stop" and error message "Error stopping service: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress". Also when attempting to use Task Manager to End Process for one or more of the CaliberRM Processes (caliber_srv.exe, obe.exe, cleanbe.exe, versantd.exe) an "Access Denied" message is displayed, and has been observed to receive the access denied error when attempting to End Process for any task not owned by the current user.

Confirm and distinquish the symptom is applicable to your scenario.

1. Check to ensure you are currently logged in as the DB Owner\Creator of the CaliberRM\Versant system.

2. Ensure your login is still a member of the "Administrators" group for that machine.

3. Distingish this symptom from other symptoms that result in the same error by reading the KB articles below, and then comparing to the distinct characteristics of the symptom as outlined in this article.

How can I resolve an Overlapped I/O operation is in progress error message?

Why does running dbmgr -stop result in the "Overlapped I/O operation" message after a server hang?

Distinct characteristics of the symptom addressed by this article:

- Occurs everytime a "dbmgr -stop" command is executed and is not intermittent

- Occurs when there are no system or database problems preventing CaliberRM from running properly. For instance a configuration change may be performed that requires a restart, or you are stopping the caliberRM instance for maintenance or taking a db backup etc.


- Open Services and find the SQM Monitor and SQM Database services

- For each choose the Log On tab, and set to use This Account and enter the credentials for the DB Owner of the CaliberRM database

- Restart the machine

- When viewing Task Manager, the CaliberRM related process should show as running under the login provided and not as the SYSTEM user.

- Run "dbmgr -stop" from the command line, and confirm that services stop successfully with no errors.

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