Created On:  30 September 2011


How do you publish requirements from SilkCentral TestManager to CaliberRM?


With SCTM it is possible to create requirements and publish these to SCTM.  To do this please use the following steps:

1. Setup configuration in CaliberRM admin console - select External Traceability and enable SilkCentral. Modify this configuration and change Frontend Server to correct SCTM details.

2. Login to SCTM and create project (if needed) - select Requirements Management Integration. Click Requirements Management tab and configure CaliberRM Integration. Edit the details as required, test connection.

3. To create requirements in SCTM and publish these to CaliberRM the following check boxes need to be enabled
     - Enable creation of unassigned requirements
     - Enable uploads of requirements to CaliberRM

4. To test integration is working correctly, select Requirements and Synchronise All. This should sync your requirements from CaliberRM to SCTM

5. To create requirements in SCTM, right click on Project and select New Child Requirement. Provide information as needed.

6. To publish to CaliberRM this new requirement needs to be mapped to the correct CaliberRM requirement type. Select the Map Requirement button and choose the requirement type. Select project name and Sync changes. Your new requirements will be published to CaliberRM
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