Problem, Octane and Jira attached files just sync the first time

We have Octane and Jira sources.  some fields are mapped for both direction sync, one of the is attached files.

- If the master is Jira, and we have 3 files attached, after the sync only one file will be sync in Octane.
- MF CC will still trying to sync the  others 2 files but without result
- Neither, if we add more files, they are not going to be sync, but MF will keep saying the quaintity of the total attached files.


- If the master is Octane, and we have 3 files, the first sync, all of them will be sync to the Jira data source
- After it no other files will be sync, doesn't matter the direction of the sync.

im using MF CC 4.2


any suggestion?

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