Jira Reject and Closure reason fields not showing

In Jira, when issue status goes to Rejected or Closed, a pop up box containing mandatory reject / closure reason fields appears. I do not see these fields in Connect - how do I make these appear as this prevents us from closing / rejecting defects from Octane as Jira is expecting field values.

  • Verified Answer

    For various technical reasons, the MF Connect Jira connector only surfaces fields that are on the "Create screen".

    If these two fields are not on the create screen - you will  not see them in MF Connect.

    Best solution in a scenario like this (you likely do not want these two fields to be shown to normal users during item creation) is to create an MF Connect specific Create screen that is only used for the user ID that theMF Connect data source(s) use.

    This involves a bit of initial setup work in Jira - but is good practice anyway as it will de-couple your MF Connect syncs from potential future changes to the normal screen definitions that users see...

  • Thanks Dom. I'll relay this to the Jira admin - makes sense what you have said.