How to manage Octane / Jira phase / status when users update more frequently than 1 minute

I have been testing Jira <-> Octane sync but see one potential issue around phases. If I update the Octane phase twice within 1 minute, which inpatient users might do, then Jira is not updated with latest status - it is not aware of the 1st phase move so hasn't moved on.


Octane Phase update

16:00 10 seconds - Fixed -> Ready for Retest

16:00 30 seconds - Ready for Retest -> Resolved

16:01 Sync runs - Jira only sees that status has been updated to Resolved. Jira status is still on Fixed and cannot go directly from Fixed to Resolved. Jira status is now still on Fixed and out of sync with Octane.


Do most sync users abolish all rules and have pathways between all phases to account for this type of behaviour?

I can imagine this is ok in Octane as rules can be put in place per user group to enforce, not sure about Jira??


  • Most sync customers remove transition rules for the technical MF Connect user account(s), only.

    I.e.: Nothing changes for normal Jira users - but MF Connect is able to transition to any state. Same in Octane...

    We might be able to implement simple "awareness" of transition rules in MF Connect - that would however not work sufficiently well enough as many customers have quite complex transition and validity rules that we would not be able to analyze and "apply" automatically.

    As a rule, MF Connect does NOT sync each and every version change - it only syncs last most current state. There are many reasons for this behavior and this is unlikely to change in the near to medium term (or even ever)...


  • I have been testing this out - Octane appears to work even without any phase transitions in place - is this because the API user is getting special treatment in Octane? It can go from Open to Closed ok even though no pathway exists in the workflow.

    Jira looks like it is currently blocked from going to a status that is not linked to the current one, so all rules will need to be removed for our Jira user.


  • Yes - most Octane API calls seem to bypass the workflow rules.

    However, as this is not a well-documented behavior, it might change in the future.


    For Jira, special accommodations for the MF Connect account(s) are strongly recommended (dedicated boards, dedicated "Create" screens, dedicated workflow rules).

  • Possible workaround:

    Create a specific role  in Jira able to switch issues into every status and give this role to the user used by Connect.

    Only this role should be able to see those shortcuts.

    Of course it's a bit cumbersome.

  • Hi,

    Do you have some info about what could change?

    Actually, I would be happy to provide MF Connect the rights to jump from one status to another,  in both side Jira and Octane, without taking into account the transitions.

    As it usually happens that users forget to update their status and need to change the status 2 times,  in less than 1minute in order to be up to date.

    We are planning to use the workaround mentionned below by Marco.