User mapping between Jira "Assignee" and Octane "Owner" (not type related)


the synchronization of Jira field "Assignee" and Octane field "Owner" works in only one direction - from Octane to Jira - but not reverse. This problem occurs in every Jira type (story, bug, etc.).

ADM Help says about this:

"If you use the same user representation in both products, you do not need to use User maps."

The personnel number is used for registration in both Jira and ALM Octane. Even the representation of the user fields look the same (see Screenshot "image" and "Screenshot 2021..").


I know there is a similar post but that doesn't solved my problem, as I do not believe that user mapping is necessary:


Additional information:

- MF Connect: 4.3.6

- ALM Octane : 15.1.40 (enterprise Edition)

- Jira: v8.5.5



  • User representation is not the same as the user display name.

    >>The personnel number is used for registration in both Jira and ALM Octane

    But what you see isn't necessarily what Connect sees or vice versa.

    Your personnel number may be DV12345.

    Your display name in JIRA and Octane may be David Vince.

    Connect offer 3 representations for Octane - login name, full name &/or email.

    Connect offers only 1 representation for Jira - full name.

    The only case where you don;t need a user map is one wherein JIRA and Octane both return the exact same matching value for JIRA User full name to Octane User login name, full name or email address.

    If that matching cannot be established, then user maps are a must.

    As both Dominique and I have indicated above, we have tools to produce user maps.

    But you do need to open an incident, allow us to work with you to verify that standard user representation does  or does not work, and help you extract and populate your user maps.

    (we will also help you upgrade to Connect 4.4)

    Take care




  • Hello Anil,

    first of all, thank you for the quick reply. I'm now able to synchronize users from Octane to Jira and vice versa.


    The screenshot illustrates how I have configured the user mapping. 

    Name: Max Mustermann

    - Max Mustermann / Jira Q-System Data Source

    - companyemail / ALM Octane Data Source



    If I have understood you correctly, would it work if both used the full name? Can I adjust this in Octane or am I thinking too complicated? Or in my case, the only option is to map the users manually?



  • >>would it work if both used the full name

    yes, it would work, without user maps, provided the user full name is identical in both Octane and JIRA.


  • Without mapping, it only worked in one direction. With the mapping, it now works in both directions. So I have to use the mapping, right?

    Do I have a possibility to change the representation in Octane (so provided the user full name is identical in both Octane and JIRA) ?


    Excuse me if I ask again.


  • Suggested Answer

    If your User Full Name in Octane is identical to the Full Name field in Jira, then you can change your Octane data source user representation to Full Name.