Sync Jira linked issues with Octane possible?

Hi, is it possible to sync linked issues to Octane? For example if I have a bug and adding a link "relates to" to a user story. Is it possible to have this link to the respective user story in Octane?

  • Yes, of course.

    If both items are sync'ed, then the link between them is sync'ed as well.

    Also, you can have a look at the relationship map in the data sources as to how links are "translated" to mapable fields.


  • Hi, I found the following relations I would need to link to from Jira:

    linked_items1 (defect links to story, feature or defect)

    linked_items2 (story links to story, feature or defect)

    So in case of Jira defects I would have to map for example "" to "linked_items1". But if the link is coming from a Jira story I would need to use "linked_items2" because "linked_items1" seems to only work for defects on the target.

    Maybe someone can clarify how to establish such mapping as I assume there is logic needed with calculated fields?

    Or do I misunderstand something here?

  • Suggested Answer

    You can choose to either map each of the individual relationship options from Jira (i.e.:") or you can do it more broadly and just sync Related Items in Jira to Backlog Items in Octane.  That takes advantage of the linked_items relationships.  You only need to set the relationship on one side or the other.  Meaning, if you want to sync the relationship between defects and stories, you only need to do this on one type or the other.  This approach is only for general traces and it will use your default trace type selected in our Jira data source when sending a new link to Jira.  You would use different relationship fields if you were synching a parent/child relationship.