Jira "Issues in epic" - how to sync?


in Jira I can add issues to Epics and they appear under "Issues in Epic". For stories I am already able to sync using mapping "Epic link (Jira) - feature (Octane)". This is also working if a story is not yet linked to an epic.

However for Jira bugs this is not working because when I use the same mapping from above then in case of bugs which are not linked to an epic a nullpointer exception is thrown in MFConnect.

It is only working if a bug is assigned to an epic in Jira.

Any idea how to relove this? In Octane I want to see both stories and defects assigned to a feature. If there is no epic assigned in Jira then the defect shall be assigned to backlog.

Regards, Alex


  • Suggested Answer

    The Feature field on Defect in Octane is for a scenario when the Defect is a child of a Feature, not traced to a Feature.  Therefore, if you use this link, but then provide it no parent, it thinks its an orphan.  In your use case, I'd recommend going to the Bug/Defect type mapping and adding a mapping for Jira "All Related Items" to Octane "Backlog" items.  That takes advantage of the linked_items1 aka "All Related Items" field in Octane which establishes the links as simple relationships rather than parent/child.  Hope that helps!