Validation failed while creating Jira Data Source

MFC Core did not had Jira connector. So, I dumped Jira connector in ...\Micro Focus\Connect\AppData\connectors\mfcConnectorJira folder. The folder contains following files. 

Now, In MFC, I can see Jira option to create one of the data source. So, I'm in 1st option of 4 steps to set up a data source.


In 1st step it is asking to enter Jira url:, password or API access token: *********.

now when I click on Next button, I get below error. I tried with API access token and my Jira password. and both resulted me in same error.

Note: In my enterprise, if Im launching my Jira url in a fresh (or lets say Chrome) browser, 1st I have to enter my SSO ID and its password, and email address ( and its password (not necessarily domain password).

I have mfcFullRestClient.jar that was pushed in to C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Connect\Utilities on March 16, 2021.

Where do I start to resolve this please?

I'm in  MFC Jira Connector 4.4-HF5.819

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  • Im not sure if my company Jira instance is using OAuth or something. but, the user/service account that is created for ALM-Jira and Octane-Jira sync has basic authentication and also has API token. Both failed to create jira data source. 

    I have case opened for it and have not seen progress even though Support person has devoted his time on it. 

    You have helped me a lot in past. 

    May be I will email you so, we can connect offline and once we finalize the issue I or you can post the success story here?